Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

- Thankful for a sweet & relaxing Mother's Day. Lovin' the pretty
hanging baskets of flowers on my porch & the tough tires on my
car (truck/suv)!

- Thinking about many of the woman who have invested in my life
over the years: Mom, Grandmas, Mother-in-Law,
Aunt Doris Buxman, Aunt Millie Bay, Cindy (Hoke) Huey,
Pauletta Mickley, "The Sisters"who taught so many S
unday School Classes, Beth Burough,
Lisa Buxman, Marcia Buxman, Judy Young, Mrs. Dunn,
Trish Anderson, Cindy Steel, Susie Buxman, Kathie Thomas,
Lois Graber, Mrs. Garnsey, Mrs. Fleenor

- So happy that the livingroom is painted... and I'm really
wanting to get started on the kitchen, but it must wait

- My oldest daughter is graduating in a week & half...
I'm freakin' out! She's lovely and we're incredibly proud
of the lady she's become!

- Next week is our last week of homeschool for the school year...

- Cold rain is so stinkin' yucky! I cannot stand it!

- Looking forward to seeing my Bro-in-Law & Sis-in-Law in June

- My To-Do list is large and I'm still trying to use my
organizer to the fullest

- Sleep... not getting enough... zzz... oh, wait, what was I saying?

- I need another journal, only 5 pages left

-Excited to read "Becoming a Woman of Freedom"
By Cynthia Heald with the other ladies of Real Church.
We handed it out for Mom's Day & we're all dedicated
to reading a chapter a week so we can talk about it
before & after church instead of just saying stuff like,
"How was your week? I like your hair?"

- Gunna try to find a dress to wear to Graduation...
haven't worn anything but skirts for the last 9 or 10 years!
Weird, huh? (well, skirts when I wasn't wearing pants!)

- Missing my friend, Jodi.

- Looking forward to summer.

- Praying for my friends, Stephanie & Shay

- Still being patient as we await the "Midtown Miracle!"
(are you still praying?)

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