Thursday, May 13, 2010

She's growin' & I'm sorta Freakin'

Our oldest daughter went to Prom last night...
and I'm freakin' out.

It's not about "boys & all that can happen at prom."
She's with solid Christian girls at an unusual type of "prom."
(a Christian formal at a golf/country club w/her girl friends)

It's not about "getting older" or whatever other weird
thoughts that float in & out of my head.

It's not about "wanting my baby back" or anything that we
often hear in times like this.

It's about relationship.

Nothing stays the same.
Even family relationships grow, change, reshape, etc.

As I watch my oldest daughter experience the last few
events of her "high school years," I'm very aware that
things are about to change. Not only will she be moving
out this fall, but our relationship will forever be different.
DIFFERENT does NOT mean "bad"... just different.

But an era of her life (and mine) will be ending soon...
and I can hardly stand it.

She's lovely... and she loves JESUS.
I couldn't wish for anything more in her or in our relationship...

But, life is changing.
And, as much as I feel strange & weird about this huge impending
change, I trust Jesus.
He knows the plans He has for her,
for me and how all that fits together.
Yes, my oldest daughter's life is changing & growning...
and so is mine.

And, that's about all that I manage gleen from this experience
at the moment... I think I'll go watch "America's Funniest Home Videos"
with my younger kids now!


Pants said...

wow.. she looks gorgeous :)and you ... YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!

Jaime said...

Netta! She looks beautiful. And this was a beautiful post, too. You are so healthy and grounded! It was truly inspiring to read this.

I hope she had a blast!

Ashley said...

She looks great!!! Love the shoes!!!

Mary Beth said...

Ditto on the shoes... the gorgeous girl... and the great grounded mom!

You will find young adult life has it's challenges as we let go... but great joy as we see them doing just what we raised them to do! Love you.