Saturday, May 29, 2010

Leader or Parent?

Even in the best of circumstances, chances are...
There's Someone who is unhappy.

When there's 5 kids, age ranges span from 17 yrs. to 3 yrs...
there's gunna be
someone who is bored,
thought we were doing something else,
"just knew" this would happen,
is thrilled & delighted,
or is quietly containing their frustration with the others.
That's what parenting really is...

The qualities of leadership should reflect those of
parenting in many, but not all, ways!
Looking out for the best of everyone
Looking out for the best of each individual
Seeing ahead
Being willing to have others angry at you for making a decision
Still caring for the ones who are angry with you
Keeping no specific hours
Showing the right way to live by living the right way
Following through with what we say we'll do
Carefully explaining what's expected
Disciplining & correcting
Taking Risks
Believing in those who are following
Oh yeah, and loving, more... and more!

The list could be for PARENTS or LEADERS!
Kinda weird, huh?

Obviously, Leaders don't have the authority that parents have,
and leaders don't "make" people do things, and leaders are
not responsible FOR making people do the right thing.
Leaders DO have a huge responsibility TO other people.
But not FOR them.

Godly decisions are always gunna tick off someone...
but when we're leading we must expect it.
We must please GOD! And follow the leaders God's placed
over us!

Hopefully, the 21+ years I've been a leader has been sharpening
my parenting skills.
And, I trust that my nearly 18 years of parenting has been
sharpening my leadership skills.


Chrissy Treu said...

Netta. I can't tell you how much I needed this post RIGHT NOW. Thanks.

Chilly said...

can we call parent leaders: Peaders? ... or would Larent be better?

well, whatever we call it, you're the best at BOTH!

Jess said...

Hey Netta,
Just wanted to tell you that I LOVED your blog about being a leader & being a parent! It should be published!!!! :)
I love you! I so appreciate you in my life! I'm always learning from you.
Love you