Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Deck Date

Each summer Detroit hosts a HUGE fireworks celebration
on the Detroit River, which separates the USA from Canada.
(That's weird, I know... but true.)

Each year I desperately wanna to go.
Each year there's a completely logical reason why I can't go.
Too new to the area (don't know where to go, park, etc)
Baby's too new.... too pregnant (yes, in that order)! ha!

That said, tonight was this year's FIREWORKS show!
Only my little boys & I were home tonight!
So... by golly, we're gunna see those fireworks.

At 9:55 pm we filled a tiny tote bag with snacks & cuppies,
grabbed the radio and a blanket and headed upstairs & outside
onto our 2nd story "deck." (I use the word lightly because it's far
from the inviting space that it may imply!)

Here it is... the radio is counting down,
the skyline above the city darkens....4...3...2...1.......

YIPPEE! Look!.....




"Hey, Mamma! Look! FIREWORKS!
Actually, Honey, that's an airplane...it's like a blinking star.

"And that's a star, too!"
"Yeah... a blinking one... it's another plane."
"Listen, guys, you can here them... the planes."
"Yeeeah... cool, Momma"

"Booom. Pane." (little brother!)

And directly above us... the clouds.
Fluffy, puffy, hanging nearly within reach of our rooftop perch.

"It's like a giant puppy dog running in the sky."
"It is! and that one's a house with a tiny tree next to it."

And then, giggling and wiggling, the boys piled on top of
me, delighted to be lounging in a "lay-down" chair on the
top of our house.
Together we saw a snowy snowman,
a girl with a ponytail on a sled,
and an island with only one tree,
airplanes with two colors of lights,
airplanes that can fly through clouds,
and search lights zipping through cotton balls.

And.. did you know that cheese sticks & raisins taste better
when you're in the dark? and if you drop a few little raisins...
well, they're kinda fun to flick off the edge of the deck onto
the car that parked in your spot in front of your house!
(did I type that outloud?)

At some point the city lights started reflecting against the sky
again, and the booms went silent,
but... we were happily giggling, eating and discovering
treasures in the sky!

Fireworks? Were they tonight?
Who cares!

Friday, June 20, 2008

No... you don't know exactly

My dear friend lost her Dad this week.
She's still smiling, interacting and functioning...
but it's there.

It was slightly over 10 years ago that my Dad
joined the grand stands of Heaven. Yeah, I
remember the numbness, the haze, the sorrow,
the joy of memories and the unfamiliar weirdness.

Yes, there's much that I can relate to.
But I certainly don't think that "I know EXACTLY
how she feels."
Similar situations? yes
But no two experiences are just alike.

So I won't say I "totally understand." I don't.
I'll stive to be understanding!

I won't say "I can completely relate." I can't.
I will relay support and encouragement.

I won't say anything sometimes. I shouldn't.
I'll just be a listener.

My friend, I don't know exactly what you're going
through, but you can count on me to love you,
pray for you and accept you in whatever frame of
mind & heart you may be in.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hear ya... Loud & Clear

"Honey, please put away your toys and come here."

no response

"Sweetie... I said to clean up and come over here."

still not moving

"Hey! Little One, I'm talking to you!"

" I HEARD you!"

"Then why aren't you obeying me?"

A familiar scenario ... you probably did it
to your parents when you were growing up.
It's heard around our house occasionally, too.

As a matter of fact, I heard it just this morning...
between GOD and myself! geez

Everywhere I read, every sermon I hear,
every place I study in the WORD... He keeps
repeating Himself to me.
This morning He spoke slightly louder and
I replied....
"I KNOW! I heard you already!"

and He said,

"Then why aren't you obeying me!"

(More at www.xanga.com/realnetta)