Friday, June 20, 2008

No... you don't know exactly

My dear friend lost her Dad this week.
She's still smiling, interacting and functioning...
but it's there.

It was slightly over 10 years ago that my Dad
joined the grand stands of Heaven. Yeah, I
remember the numbness, the haze, the sorrow,
the joy of memories and the unfamiliar weirdness.

Yes, there's much that I can relate to.
But I certainly don't think that "I know EXACTLY
how she feels."
Similar situations? yes
But no two experiences are just alike.

So I won't say I "totally understand." I don't.
I'll stive to be understanding!

I won't say "I can completely relate." I can't.
I will relay support and encouragement.

I won't say anything sometimes. I shouldn't.
I'll just be a listener.

My friend, I don't know exactly what you're going
through, but you can count on me to love you,
pray for you and accept you in whatever frame of
mind & heart you may be in.

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Lana said...

How did I JUST realize that you have this site?!?! Your picture is adorable...and your posts awesome. love you