Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Fake I.D.

Don't arrest me!
But I may have a fake I.D.
Well, at least you may think I'm something I'm not...
or you may sum me up as less or more than I am.

As I read this book I keep
thinking about the gifts and
abilities that God has given me.

Am I using them to parent my kids?
Do I remain true to myself as I teach
and train my children?

If I stop being ME when I parent then
I'll most likely get frustrated and at the
very least, bored.

God created unique giftings, talents and ways to doing things in me.
He didn't do it JUST so I can minister at church, witness to my
neighbors and earn money, or whatever. Abilities are to be USED!

If you're funny... be a fun & funny Mom.

If you're good at cooking... make it a family affair.

If you're good at painting or sewing (which I'm NOT).... use those
talents to create presents for grandparents & spend time together.

If you're good with animals, enjoy them with your kids & find
ways to get all of you involved in the community/shelter, etc...

If you're musical, make up songs for kids to remember their
address & phone number; sing/play songs & record them as
gifts for the grandparents; go see an orchestra or local band.

If you are talented with money management, help kids set up
their own money making endeavers.
Long live the the Lemonade stand!

If you're ... ok, you get the idea. I probably didn't even mention
your talent anyway.

This principle applies to ALL of us! (Parent or NOT)
What's in your hand? use it!
What makes you you? do it!

It shouldn't matter where or what we're doing, our God-given
personality and talents have a purpose in any situation!

Be the YOU the God created! But....

You cannot EVER really be the YOU you're created
to be unless you know the CREATOR...
and that happens by having a personal
relationship with JESUS!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

He'd be Proud! ( Ode to my DAD)

My Dad...
any of you who knew him remember that
he was quite a character. He'd make ya smile,
find something funny to say to make ya relax
and cheer you on in whatever
you were doing.

I know that he's be proud today.
It was 11 years ago today that
my Dad saw Jesus, face to face.
I miss him... If he were alive he'd be proud.

(Leonard Hoke, Sr.)

He'd be Proud of...
(in no particular order)

- My daughter, Riley, playing softball, working hard, having
a wonderful attitude (and being more athletic than her Mom!)
Dad was "Joe-Jock" during his own high school years-
basketball star!

-My daughter, Courtney, who is artsy, creative, thoughtful,
funny & kind. Dad would draw the silliest little faces & say the
most unexpected things (even during church... sorry Pastor Mickley,
but it's true! But you probably knew that already) hee hee

- My daughter, Zoe, who is so full of LIFE, ideas and has a natural
way of organizing and including people in things. Dad was a
leader; the kind that people enjoyed following cuz he was fun &
made them feel appreciated.

-My son, Maximus, for being so sweet and gentlemanly.
Dad hugged everyone, held the doors open, always found things
to compliment in others and had a warm smile... just like Max!

-My son, Chase, for loving music, singing his little lungs out about
Jesus and for wearing his glasses crocked! Dad played the guitar,
loved to sing and the glasses thing... yeah, it must be hereditary.

-My husband, Chilly, for being the pioneer pastor who isn't afraid to
start something that others haven't even considered let alone have
courage to actually do. If he were on earth, he'd be listening to
Chilly's sermons each week and tell all the other guys at the
coffee shop about'um.

- His 2nd daughter, me, for decoupaging the pages of one of his
Bibles to the tabletops in the coffee house at Real Church.
Dad loved JESUS and he REALLY liked coffee (hmm, sounds like
the guy I married!). Many men over the years heard of Jesus' love
over a cup of coffee during a "coffee break!" (old term, I know)

There's a ZiLLION more things that would make'um proud... that
would also include my extended family, too, but hey, I only have so much
time & can type only so fast!

If my Dad were to pop back to earth for a moment today, I'm convinced
that he'd tell you, "Submit your life to JESUS! It's ALL worth it!"

I miss ya, Daddy! But my family & I serve Jesus with all our heart, soul,
mind & strength.
We'll see you again... someday!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Change of Address

No... don't panic!
We're not moving.

A sweet lady who was once-upon-a-time in our youth ministry
and who used to babysit for our oldest daughter (who is
now 16 yrs. old) recently asked me some questions about
ministry and transition. Her greatest concern was her children.

Since we were married (almost 20 years ago) we've had ELEVEN
addresses! (and our most recent address we've had the longest...
nearly 4 years.)
Not every "move" was to a new city/church. Sometimes it was
across town or from a rental to a home we owned. But either way,
it's transition... and transition IS a big deal... GOOD, but BIG!

There's much that could be written about this topic, but here's my
first thoughts on the topic. The things that just popped into my
head when I read my friend's email.

"Be obedient; God's will is the BEST place to be!"
He's always provided people to be "family" to our kids.
People who were like adopted Grandparents,
substitute Aunts & Uncles,
& even older brother & sister-like friends.

These God-given friends love on our kids,
giving them worth by playing with them
& paying attention to them,
making up special games & creating memories
that provide a deep sense of value
and a lasting security of knowing they "belong"

Jesus knows what my children need far more than I do.

When it's God's plan for the parents to transition,
it's also God's plan for their children... His BEST plan.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Makin' this day count after a wonderful weekend
of celebrating our new life in JESUS, and praising
JESUS for those who their submitted their
lives to Him yesterday! YIPPEE!!!!!

Makin' a buncha recipes that include Boiled Eggs...
cuz we sure had fun decorating a zillion of'um.

Makin' sure we don't give ourselves
tummy aches cuz we sure had a
lota yummy treats.

Makin' sure the Grandparents received
the "handprint" lilies the little ones made
and mailed last week.
(idea from Family Fun Magazine)

Makin' up new hiding spots for leftover cupcakes
that Zoe & I made for "Underground Kids" at church

Makin' time to load pics of my little boys singing
at church on Easter Morning with all their friends!

Makin' a small dent in the dirty laundry
mountains that taunted me all last week

Makin' little bath mats out of old handtowels.
Just used two thick old towels
and stitched them together.

Makin' all the fake grass & plastic eggs
disappear from the hidden
corners of the house...
the kids are helping with this one.

Makin' scheduled plans to finish some projects
I started long ago.
(My Man preached a great message about
our purpose for living and the projects that
Jesus assigns us.)

Makin' the "Easter Meal" I didn't make
yesterday cuz my husband took us out
to lunch with a group of friends yesterday.

Makin' the week's supply of homemade bread & pasta.

Makin' a snack bag of my husband & kids
cuz they're going to one of 6 softball games
this week.
(This is our softball player, Riley on R,
and her friend, Katy!
They bought their matching dresses. Cute.)

Makin' copies of the pic of our 13 yrs old,
Courtney, who played & sang her
original song for the Good Friday
U2Charist Service. So GOOD!

Makin' sure our week is planned, prepped and ready to go.

Have a wonderful week.
Make Sure you plan it, but leave your heart & EARS open to the voice
of Jesus. He has plans for this week that you don't wanna miss!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Alert

There's it goes again.
Pounding in my ears.
I'm trying to ignore it.

It's so loud. So constant. So right.
Telling me to, "Get up! Get going!"

I push it aside. Telling it to quiet down.
But, moments later it wakes me again.
"Get up! Get going! This day has purpose!"

My eyes are closed, attempting to think of something peaceful.
But I know it's there.. waiting to alert me again.
Waiting to get me up & out.
Big SIGH...
My eyes close tighter.

Yup. There is goes again... ringing out.
I think it's LOUDER this time.
It bids me to stop laying here, thinking & start "doing."

I grab it quickly. Can everyone else hear it, too?

OK! OK! I'm up! I'm "doing!" I won't relax anymore.
I give up.
Here I am! Getting Up & Getting going!!!

That little alert system sure does work.
I think I'll carry it with me today.
Somewhere close-by.
Somewhere like... say... my heart!

"Oh, that sounds weird"... you must be thinking...
But you thought I was talking about my alarm clock, huh?

No, not at all.
I was speaking of my BIBLE!

(you may wanna read the post again, now)

Currently Reading
Thompson Chain-Reference Bible-NIV

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rearview & Windshield

What has already happened (rearview) presses my face against
the front window to focus on what is to come this week...

Thankfulness to young ladies on our team who invest in my girls-
taking them on errands with them, out for pizza, to the dollar
movies, sleep-overs, etc.... THANK YOU!

Thankful for a wonderful breakfast on Saturday morning with
other pastors' wives in the Detroit area. Honesty, laughter
and prayer! Thanks, Nancy, for opening your home.

Thankful to hear my Man bring an "Easter" message that
focused on forgiveness... and then to have opportunity to talk
with those who were applying it immediately. So cool.

Thankful that the sweet people of our city have childlike faith,
and simple hearts that take teaching in stride. Such as this:
Me: "Um, when you're telling someone about Jesus, Sally,
(name changed) you probably shouldn't cuss!"

Her reply, "Oh, really? Ok. I won't." (and she wasn't being
sarcastic) Just real. I love that! I respect that.

I'm humbled by the love of JESUS... I have SO much to learn
about being His hand extended to the needy.

I'm tearful as I was again reminded this weekend in nearly
every conversation, that there's SO much I don't know!
-What they are really going through
-What it's like to go through their pain
-What has happened to them that brought about the
things I might be quick to criticize...

I was made to LOVE Jesus! and LOVE others with His LOVE!

Looking ahead...
This week's schedule will not be a cake walk
(mmm, although I'd sure enjoy some chocolate cake!),
but I am determining to show JESUS to all I encounter...
at home and out in my city!
(Yes, it's MINE... I've been assigned to it!)

Happy Week!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool

This used to be a favorite day of mine!

In highschool, I'd make up all sorts of shocking things
to say to people. But would quickly follow up those statements
with "April Fools" because I'm a terrible liar. (A good thing!)

April Fool's originated in France in the 1600's
when the Pope changed the first month of the year from
April to January. But since none of the people of that day
had internet or HDTV access, many were unaware of
the change. Those (usually simpletons) who still believed
that the New Year was April 1st became known as
"April Fools" - "people who believed something to be true
that was actually NOT true at all!"

It makes me wonder... how many days a year am I an
April Fool? I'm not too good at speaking lies, but
pretty stinkin' good at believin' um.
How many times do I look aside from the
truth and choose to believe a lie?

You know, the little lies?
"It's OK if I don't get involved"
"No one will notice if I'm not there"
"I'm not that important anyway"
"I'm unloved"
"No one really understands me"
"I want to change but can't"
hmm, stuff like that!

Notice how each of these statements have a word in common?
Yep.... "I"
When our eyes are focused on ourselves then we're pretty
quick to start believing lies.

Refocus. Repent. Rethink.... think about JESUS.

Seeing life through HIS eyes and HIS WORD will keep
us from being the APRIL FOOL!!!