Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool

This used to be a favorite day of mine!

In highschool, I'd make up all sorts of shocking things
to say to people. But would quickly follow up those statements
with "April Fools" because I'm a terrible liar. (A good thing!)

April Fool's originated in France in the 1600's
when the Pope changed the first month of the year from
April to January. But since none of the people of that day
had internet or HDTV access, many were unaware of
the change. Those (usually simpletons) who still believed
that the New Year was April 1st became known as
"April Fools" - "people who believed something to be true
that was actually NOT true at all!"

It makes me wonder... how many days a year am I an
April Fool? I'm not too good at speaking lies, but
pretty stinkin' good at believin' um.
How many times do I look aside from the
truth and choose to believe a lie?

You know, the little lies?
"It's OK if I don't get involved"
"No one will notice if I'm not there"
"I'm not that important anyway"
"I'm unloved"
"No one really understands me"
"I want to change but can't"
hmm, stuff like that!

Notice how each of these statements have a word in common?
Yep.... "I"
When our eyes are focused on ourselves then we're pretty
quick to start believing lies.

Refocus. Repent. Rethink.... think about JESUS.

Seeing life through HIS eyes and HIS WORD will keep
us from being the APRIL FOOL!!!

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Anonymous said...

Netta...what a great word you have just shared with us! Bless you my child! You are very creative with your words and insights!
Love you much and are so proud of you!