Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Alert

There's it goes again.
Pounding in my ears.
I'm trying to ignore it.

It's so loud. So constant. So right.
Telling me to, "Get up! Get going!"

I push it aside. Telling it to quiet down.
But, moments later it wakes me again.
"Get up! Get going! This day has purpose!"

My eyes are closed, attempting to think of something peaceful.
But I know it's there.. waiting to alert me again.
Waiting to get me up & out.
Big SIGH...
My eyes close tighter.

Yup. There is goes again... ringing out.
I think it's LOUDER this time.
It bids me to stop laying here, thinking & start "doing."

I grab it quickly. Can everyone else hear it, too?

OK! OK! I'm up! I'm "doing!" I won't relax anymore.
I give up.
Here I am! Getting Up & Getting going!!!

That little alert system sure does work.
I think I'll carry it with me today.
Somewhere close-by.
Somewhere like... say... my heart!

"Oh, that sounds weird"... you must be thinking...
But you thought I was talking about my alarm clock, huh?

No, not at all.
I was speaking of my BIBLE!

(you may wanna read the post again, now)

Currently Reading
Thompson Chain-Reference Bible-NIV


Margie said...

AMEN Sister! My bible calls my name during the day when things get hurried and harried!!

I got the book today! Going to read it over my "break" from work! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I love how the word speaks to us. I have gotten used to carrying my Bible every where, the problem is that as I think about it, I don't take it out enough. Your blog made me stop and think.
Love you,

mo said...

your endurance and commitment are always an inspiration :)

Lana said...

This was great. It has been WEEKS since I looked at any blogs - I've got some catching up to do! Love you!