Monday, April 6, 2009

Rearview & Windshield

What has already happened (rearview) presses my face against
the front window to focus on what is to come this week...

Thankfulness to young ladies on our team who invest in my girls-
taking them on errands with them, out for pizza, to the dollar
movies, sleep-overs, etc.... THANK YOU!

Thankful for a wonderful breakfast on Saturday morning with
other pastors' wives in the Detroit area. Honesty, laughter
and prayer! Thanks, Nancy, for opening your home.

Thankful to hear my Man bring an "Easter" message that
focused on forgiveness... and then to have opportunity to talk
with those who were applying it immediately. So cool.

Thankful that the sweet people of our city have childlike faith,
and simple hearts that take teaching in stride. Such as this:
Me: "Um, when you're telling someone about Jesus, Sally,
(name changed) you probably shouldn't cuss!"

Her reply, "Oh, really? Ok. I won't." (and she wasn't being
sarcastic) Just real. I love that! I respect that.

I'm humbled by the love of JESUS... I have SO much to learn
about being His hand extended to the needy.

I'm tearful as I was again reminded this weekend in nearly
every conversation, that there's SO much I don't know!
-What they are really going through
-What it's like to go through their pain
-What has happened to them that brought about the
things I might be quick to criticize...

I was made to LOVE Jesus! and LOVE others with His LOVE!

Looking ahead...
This week's schedule will not be a cake walk
(mmm, although I'd sure enjoy some chocolate cake!),
but I am determining to show JESUS to all I encounter...
at home and out in my city!
(Yes, it's MINE... I've been assigned to it!)

Happy Week!


Brooke said...

Really love your transparency and encouraging words. Great post.
Love you, Brooke

Anonymous said...

Netta. I just love you. The other day i was brought to a verse and God took be back over the years of my life. I was thinking about the people that believed in me over the years and you and P. Chilly came up. I just thank the Lord for you too. After looking back over my life it was like the Lord said, "if you wanna change the world, believe in my people". We may never get recognized or fame on earth, but all i know is that the ones that believe in me, i never forget. God is good.

Love you Netta.