Monday, April 13, 2009


Makin' this day count after a wonderful weekend
of celebrating our new life in JESUS, and praising
JESUS for those who their submitted their
lives to Him yesterday! YIPPEE!!!!!

Makin' a buncha recipes that include Boiled Eggs...
cuz we sure had fun decorating a zillion of'um.

Makin' sure we don't give ourselves
tummy aches cuz we sure had a
lota yummy treats.

Makin' sure the Grandparents received
the "handprint" lilies the little ones made
and mailed last week.
(idea from Family Fun Magazine)

Makin' up new hiding spots for leftover cupcakes
that Zoe & I made for "Underground Kids" at church

Makin' time to load pics of my little boys singing
at church on Easter Morning with all their friends!

Makin' a small dent in the dirty laundry
mountains that taunted me all last week

Makin' little bath mats out of old handtowels.
Just used two thick old towels
and stitched them together.

Makin' all the fake grass & plastic eggs
disappear from the hidden
corners of the house...
the kids are helping with this one.

Makin' scheduled plans to finish some projects
I started long ago.
(My Man preached a great message about
our purpose for living and the projects that
Jesus assigns us.)

Makin' the "Easter Meal" I didn't make
yesterday cuz my husband took us out
to lunch with a group of friends yesterday.

Makin' the week's supply of homemade bread & pasta.

Makin' a snack bag of my husband & kids
cuz they're going to one of 6 softball games
this week.
(This is our softball player, Riley on R,
and her friend, Katy!
They bought their matching dresses. Cute.)

Makin' copies of the pic of our 13 yrs old,
Courtney, who played & sang her
original song for the Good Friday
U2Charist Service. So GOOD!

Makin' sure our week is planned, prepped and ready to go.

Have a wonderful week.
Make Sure you plan it, but leave your heart & EARS open to the voice
of Jesus. He has plans for this week that you don't wanna miss!


erika said...

great blog! and love all the pics!

Anonymous said...

Thx. for sharing. Enjoyed it immensely! Makes me feel like part of the family.

Good advise.

Luv ya, Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Netta, I never thought of making a bath mat out of old towels before,
great idea. I will definately have to try that, ours are kind old and
Love you and have a blessed day:)

Mary Beth said...

I wanna hear Courtney's song!