Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Fake I.D.

Don't arrest me!
But I may have a fake I.D.
Well, at least you may think I'm something I'm not...
or you may sum me up as less or more than I am.

As I read this book I keep
thinking about the gifts and
abilities that God has given me.

Am I using them to parent my kids?
Do I remain true to myself as I teach
and train my children?

If I stop being ME when I parent then
I'll most likely get frustrated and at the
very least, bored.

God created unique giftings, talents and ways to doing things in me.
He didn't do it JUST so I can minister at church, witness to my
neighbors and earn money, or whatever. Abilities are to be USED!

If you're funny... be a fun & funny Mom.

If you're good at cooking... make it a family affair.

If you're good at painting or sewing (which I'm NOT).... use those
talents to create presents for grandparents & spend time together.

If you're good with animals, enjoy them with your kids & find
ways to get all of you involved in the community/shelter, etc...

If you're musical, make up songs for kids to remember their
address & phone number; sing/play songs & record them as
gifts for the grandparents; go see an orchestra or local band.

If you are talented with money management, help kids set up
their own money making endeavers.
Long live the the Lemonade stand!

If you're ... ok, you get the idea. I probably didn't even mention
your talent anyway.

This principle applies to ALL of us! (Parent or NOT)
What's in your hand? use it!
What makes you you? do it!

It shouldn't matter where or what we're doing, our God-given
personality and talents have a purpose in any situation!

Be the YOU the God created! But....

You cannot EVER really be the YOU you're created
to be unless you know the CREATOR...
and that happens by having a personal
relationship with JESUS!


Mary Beth said...

Preach it sister! I for one need to be reminded.

Lana said...

What great perspective. I've thought about this several times in the last few days since 1st reading this post. love and miss you

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thx for sharing. That's neat. I'm reading a book on discovering your children's gifting and here you are once again reminding me of something...that I too have God given gifts that need to be utilized right within my own family.

You are truly a Godsend.

Much luv, Stephanie