Monday, April 11, 2011

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

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Friday, February 11, 2011

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something New

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Courtney!!!

Original yet Tried & True
Sensitive & Sincere
Reflective of Jesus

Happy Birthday, My Beautiful Courtney Ann!

I love you!

Her thoughts can be read on her blog here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's NOT multiple choice

Yesterday I shared how worry & prayer don't mix.
Here's another thing Jesus has been speaking to me... 
and changing in me.

"Praying specifically" isn't about giving God several
specific ways to answer a prayer.
It's presenting specific needs to God. Period.
And letting Him do the answering.

Phil. 4:6
"Don’t worry about anything; 
instead, pray about everything. 
Tell God what you need
and thank him for all he has done.

If we get it into our heads that we must come up
with ways for Him to answer...

- it'll keep us from praying cuz when
we "don't know what to ask for"... 
- keeps us frustrated
- keeps us from experiencing miracles
- causes worry

Don't worry... INSTEAD... pray.
Tell God what you NEED.... and thank Him.

My prayers have turned from "not knowing what to
ask for" into something like this...

"Lord Jesus, we have _____ need and only you
can help us."
"Jesus, this ____ is so difficult! Please Help!"

Does this lesson from Philippians ring a bell with you?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday, Jan. 24, 2011

Lunch- Do Overs from the weekend
Dinner- Taco Bowls

Lunch- TLC Sandwiches (Turkey, Lettuce, Cheese)
Dinner- Chicken Pot Pie

Lunch- Homemade Potato Soup, Crackers
Dinner- Teriki Chicken & Br Rice, Broccoli

THURSDAY, Happy B-Day Courtney
Lunch- Cheesy Roll Ups, Salsa
Dinner- Eggplant Parm, Spaghetti, Salad

Lunch- Smothered Baked Potatoes & Veggies
Dinner- Homemade W. Wheat Pizza

Lunch- French Fry Salad
Dinner- White Chicken Enchiladas

Lunch- Chili, Mashed Potatoes
Dinner- TBA

For more ideas see Menu Plan Monday at orgjunkie
and also My other menus

It Can't Be Both

This entire month many of us
at Real Church have chosen to read
through Philippians over & over
again in our personal Bible
reading time... and it's so cool.

One of the many things Jesus
has spoken to me through
this book is this..

"Don't Worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything."
(Phil 4:6)

It's an "either/or" situation.

You can't worry AND pray.
You do one or the other!

Worry kills prayer.
Prayer kills worry.

Which one do you do most often?

(Jesus also spoke more to me about why I tend to NOT pray
as much as I think... check tomorrow's post for more.)

(Above photo was taken years ago of my daughter, Mariah)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

God Spoke Through My Iron

Jesus speaks to me in a language I understand.
This week He spoke through my iron... more or less.
(and I hardly used it all week.. hee hee)

Paul said...
"I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the 
heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us."
Phil. 3:14

The greek word means "aggressively chase, like a hunter pursuing a catch" 

I don't relate to hunting. Nor do I usually chase after anything too aggressively.
(unless my kids are hurt, then I may bust into a sprint... don't laugh!)

But thankfully I speak the language of the other kind of press...

1. Ironing - takes what's already washed & improves it
Yes, Jesus washed away my sin, but He's always wanting
to change me & make me better.

2. Ironing - flattens puffiness... pride

3. Ironing - smoothes the bumps & creases...
the inconsistencies in my life & character

4. Ironing- requires heat that is "ouchy" but totally
necessary.  Painful times are needed.

5. Ironed Garment- reflects the one who is inside of it... 

I will not fight against difficult times, but walk through them
knowing that Jesus is ironing me into a reflection of Him.

(Now, take one of these points and insert it into the verse above
in place of the word press.  For example, #2, 
"I will flatten my pride so that I will reach the end of the race...")

Has God spoken to you through anything usual lately?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sometimes on Wednesday's I just post a picture...
Not today.

OOOh NO, today is whole big fat day full-a words, baby.

Photo snapped right BEFORE the
following events took place.

Lots of our friends are getting the flu, 
We purposely started our school day a
little later than normal
since we could all use an extra bit of sleep...
But that backfired...
people were draggin around,
having a hard time getting into
the task at hand. I was the worst.
So the morning was a bust.

Then, in somewhat of a random order...

-child bombs quiz

-same child bombs another quiz

- child pees pants (note: not the same child as the one taking tests!)

-another child informs me that yesterday's school work didn't actually get
done as they'd said, so they're a day behind in 2 subjects

-toilet clogs (but I fixed it)

-Soup from a can (for tin can day) is weird... no one eats it...
including me

-water puddle appears in the basement

-this above mentioned basement is filled with the mounds of laundry
that I have fallen sorely behind in washing

-another water puddle is discovered under my kitchen sink

- the Mom (that'd be me) realized that the little pipe under the sink
is causing the basement puddle & fixes it (thanks to instructions from
our friend Zach who'd warned me about it several weeks ago)

-piano practice brings out the stubbornness that my kids may have
inherited from their Mom

-child melts into tears regarding above mentioned quizzes

- above mentioned Mom sheds a few tears of her own & asks
Jesus to please help her with Homeschooling & to show her
who to go about this process with greater ease... and joy

-the kindergarten-aged boy volunteers to do his chores and some
extra one, too

- the child with "pee-pants" takes a nap & wakes up acting like
himself again

- I "stumble" into a timely blog about homeschooling and Jesus whispers
wonderful encouragement and practical ideas into my heart

- I take a deep breath (why do I hold my breath when I'm tense?)

-formerly upset children make conscience efforts to calm down &
move forward

- youngest children are playing nicely together & enjoying Christmas toys

- I grab a Diet Coke & some Multi-Grain tortilla chips (they're practically
health food, you know),  and  I write this blog

- Smile (see the picture at the TOP of the blog)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Plan Monday, Jan. 17, 2011

For more ideas check out

Lunch- Cheesy Bread & apples
Dinner- Oven Fried Chicken Fingers, Cornbread, Rice

Lunch- PB & J sandwiches, Pineapple chunks, chips
Dinner- Crock pot Chicken & Dumplings

Lunch- Soup from a Can (it's Tin Can day)
Dinner- Beef Enchiladas, Rice, Salad

Lunch- Chicken Saltine Cracker Casserole
(it's my friend, Jodi's, Bday & she made this for us once. mmm)
Dinner-  TBA

Lunch- White Chili
Dinner- Homemade W.Wheat Pizza

Lunch-  Waffles & Bacon
Dinner- Chicken Gumbo in Crockpot

Lunch- Turkey Breast, Potatoes & Carrots
Dinner- Do-overs

(Ha, looking over this it seems to be the
Week of the chicken!  O well.)

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Too Old for That

In recent days I've connected with...

- an amazing single pastor in her 30's

- a 20-something lady from another county with more experience
in youth ministry than many life-timer youth pastors

- a classy lady in her 50's whose house is from a magazine
and her entertainment skills put Martha Stewart to shame

- a young married mom of 3 kids, ages 4 and under

- a single 20-something who ministers to preschoolers all day

- a young married lady who will soon be planting a church
out east with her husband

- a southern bell (sorta) in her 30's who is married w/one child
and has preached several times recently at her church

- a lady in her mid 40's who sends me encouraging texts and
blesses many other church planter's wife in Michigan

- Another lady in her 20's who is leaving the suburbs next week
 & moving into the city... cuz it's where her heart is

- A young Mom who also left the burbs a year ago & moved into the city
with her husband & little boy, and happens to gives piano lessons to
her pastor's kids as a ministry

- A 40-something who gives sewing lessons to the muslim girls
in her neighborhood, just to show them the love of Jesus

- A 40 year old lady who's life closely mirrors mine... but her address
is in Maryland... too far away

When I was younger I thought I  needed that ONE friend...
that ONE person who could fulfill all my friendship needs.
But I've later realized that diversity is beautiful!
Not just race, but background, age, outlook, calling, etc....

All of these woman are my friends...
and each of them fill a different "spot" in my "friendship need."

What I contribute to one friendship is vastly different from what
I give to another friendship. And vise versa.
But they all mean a great deal to me.
They're all counted as cherished gifts from Jesus.

Yeah, I used to think I really needed that ONE best friend,
but now, I'm too old for that (and hopefully too wise for that, too!).

(NOTE: I have more friends than those listed, but these are
ones that I've connected with in the last 8 days.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Talk-To-Myself... WEDNESDAY?

My family says 

I talk to myself, 
but actually I'm 
just thinking out loud! 
Here's what I've 
been thinking...)

I started typing out several things on my mind for this post and then
suddenly realized that it's Wednesday... not Tuesday.
O dear. This realization fits perfectly with several other 
things listed below.  Some of you may now feel the deep
calling in your heart to pray for me.... Please... do!  :)

- When my kids were using an online dictionary that says
the pronunciation of the word out loud.. it's hard to scold them
for looking up words like "poop" and "fart" for several reasons:
1. It makes me laugh , too
2. I spilled hot tea down the front of me and proceeded to
blurt out, "Oh, Poopy!"  
(Maybe someday I'll grow up!  ha!)

- My friend, Nancy, informed me (while laughing hardily)
that the phone message I'd left her last week saying, "Sorry
to call you on a Wednesday evening..."  was actually left
on THURSDAY!  What?  I'm losing it!

- Our Christmas letter that never happened was going to be
a "New Year's" letter, but now I'm thinkin' that Valentine's Day
is highly underrated & that I nice family letter would be most
appropriate.  (Good Grief)

- A Christmas Tree that's decorated in all Red & White
would make a nice Valentine's Tree, don't you think?
(UGH! It's coming down tonight!!!)

- Yesterday was National Clean Off Your Desk Day... so I 
started doing it this morning... and found a Thank You note
that I thought I'd mailed TWO months ago.  Oh Dear. 

- Oh NO!  While finding the link to the "Nat'l Clean your Desk"
thing (above) I realized that the official day was actually NOT
yesterday, but the day before that.  This is getting serious? right?

- I used to joke that my motto was, "Why do anything the easy way
when you can make it more complicated."  It's apparently not
as much of a joke as I thought.  (Help!) 

- As I walked down the stairs from my little boys' very cool
and incredibly toy-littered bedroom my frustration mounted
(maybe it was the Planet Hero that jabbed the bottom of my
foot... again!)
But, whatever the reason, I was complaining/apologizing
to God (you know how we do that...
 the whiny pathetic "Help-me-Jesus-cuz-I'm-really-letting-You-down" stuff) 
and He quietly asked me,
"Are the important things in your life in order?"
Well, I did a verbal rundown (I talk to myself, remember) of my 
walk with Jesus, my marriage, our children... etc....
OK, for real, Lord, please forgive me for complaining & putting
emphasis on what is NOT lasting & for putting myself down. 

- Summary... maybe I'm a little sleep deprived... or something... Ha!
Either way, I'm spending wonderful time with Jesus each morning as
always, laughing like usual and loving my life!!!

So, it's all good.  

hee hee 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just know

You don't have to  understand the situation, just seek to understand
God... and how He wants you to walk through the situation...
ONE step at a time.

If we try to figure out the "why's" & "what in the world's?"  of
the circumstances we're in then we'll be unable to know HIM
and to live blamelessly.
(And, we can sometimes become just like the very thing/person that
is causing the difficult situation.)
So, focusing on understanding HIM better!
(Word, Prayer, Fasting, Applying)

Hosea 6:3 "Oh that we may know the Lord!"
Let us press on to know Him. He will respond..."

Phil. 1:10 "I want you to understand what really matters so that
you will be able to live pure & blameless lives..."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday, 1-10-11

Lunch- Cheeseburger Soup
Dinner- TBA

TUESDAY, the date is 1-11-11 (cool)
Lunch- Ribbon Salad
Dinner-Chicken Enchiladas, Rice

Lunch- Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Apples
Dinner-  Lasagna, Bread, Salad

Lunch- Warm PB & J
Dinner- Little Mamas w/homemade Tortillas
(I forgot to buy tortillas last week, so I made'um.
Oh My WORD!  So yummy! and not hard)

Lunch- Veggie Soup, Crackers
Dinner- Homemade W.Wheat Pizza

Lunch- BLT sandwiches, peaches
Dinner- Dorito Casserole, Rice in Crockpot

Lunch- Meatballs in Crockpot, Spaghetti
Dinner- Do overs

Thursday, January 6, 2011



Dr. George O. Wood, general superintendent of the Assemblies of God
(USA) and chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship
representing more than 63 million members, has called church members
around the world to pray for more than 70 Christians who were
arrested over Christmas in Iran.

BBC Persian (in England) reported that the governor of the province
of Tehran said on January 4 that they have arrested Christians and
will arrest more. He said Christians are corrupt, deviant, similar
to the Taliban, and controlled by the West.

"These Christians represent the house churches in Iran," states
Wood. "For the past year or two we have seen efforts by the Iranian
government specifically to stamp out these ministries." "The
Assemblies of God recognizes the house churches in Iran as a
legitimate part of the global main stream body of Christ, and urges
the Iranian government to recognize them as such, and give them
freedom to meet publicly."

In addition to these 70, the pastor of the Assemblies of God church
in Isfahan was arrested on December 31. It was noted other major
attacks against Christians are occurring in places like Iraq,
Pakistan and Egypt, to name a few.

"There is an urgent need for Christians all over the world to
intercede for our brothers and sisters in prison in Iran," Wood
continued. "Let us pray that they will experience the presence and
the power of the Holy Spirit, even in their prison cells. Pray they
will have supernatural endurance and courage through this trial, and
be shining witnesses to the guards and other inmates. Pray for peace
and wisdom when they are being interrogated. Pray for their health.
Pray for comfort and confidence for their families. Pray they will
soon be released."

Wood is requesting that Assemblies of God congregations make this
issue a matter of prayer in all services over the next few weeks.

"It is comforting to know that God knows about every single arrest
that has been made and that He will bring glory to His name through
the suffering and bring victory for His Kingdom in Iran," Wood said.

AG-NEWS: The A/G News & Information Service, (c) 2011
 A service of the Assemblies of God's Office of Public
 Relations. This mailing list was created to inform the media
 and public of current events within the Fellowship and
 continuing developments among its many ministries.

 If you have a news lead, contact us at

   Office of Public Relations
   General Council of the Assemblies of God
   1445 N. Boonville Avenue
   Springfield, MO 65802-1894

   Phone: (417) 862-2781
   Fax:   (417) 862-5554

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grace = Strength

Remembering that everything in my life results directly from
the grace of JESUS ... I didn't earn it... don't deserve it....

gives me strength to show grace to others in whatever
circumstance I encounter... even if they "don't deserve it!"

After all, it wouldn't be GRACE if we earned it.
(My good works aren't worth jack)

GRACE gives strength

Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday, Jan. 3, 2011 & (Weird Holidays?)

I'm SOOOOO bored with menus,
food and cooking. Inspiration was needed.
So... I planned meals around National "Holidays"
and other interesting (but often not terribly important)
facts. Turns out, I've printed coloring sheets for my
little ones & made some homeschool lessons plans
that will coinside with the food we're eating.
Strange, but somehow it turned into the motivation
I so desperately needed.   Have fun!

Lunch- W. Wheat Waffles
Dinner-  TBA

Lunch- Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches (Nat'l G.W. Carver Day)
Dinner- Spaghetti (Nat'l Spaghetti Day)

Lunch- Veggies & Dip with Cheesy Roll-ups
Dinner- Chili (it's Nat'l Bean day afterall)

Lunch- Hoe Cakes (George & Martha Washington's Annivarsary)
Dinner- Little Mamas (it's my Mom's B-day, today)

Lunch- A BIG Salad w/French Fries
Dinner- Homemade W.Wheat Pizza

Lunch- Waffles, Cherries & Whip Cream
Dinner- Fried Green Beans, Turkey Ham, Bkd Potatoes

Lunch- Crock pot version of BBQ Chicken (Pres. Nixon's Bday)
Noodle, Carrots
Dinner- Do Overs of all kinds (Stephen Foster's Bday)

For more ideas see

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm on a Mission... so are YOU!

If you're alive you have a purpose.
(My husband says this often)

Having a personal relationship with our Creator, Jesus Christ,
is the only way to find our real purpose.

Then, we live it.
Everything BIG or little thing we do should fall under
that purpose...therefore giving even the most mundance
task a deeper meaning & value.

That's why I've revised my missions statement.
Sometimes having a reminder of what's most important
and the guidelines to keep things in the right order is
what I need... it keeps me sane & free from guilt of
"not doing enough." (and the mistake of doing much)

Here's how I've done it for years. It's a combo
of things I've learned & been taught over the
years... it's certainly not original.

1. List the various things that I am
Example: God's daughter, Wife, Mom, a person,
homemaker, Pastor's wife/mentor, daughter, friend, etc...

2. Stated my main purpose in that role
Example: "I am alive to love God, to know & enjoy Him
and to serve Him always in all areas of my life."
Example 2:  "I am completely devoted to my husband..."

3. State several specific things under each point that
I'm committed to doing that will carry out the stated purpose
Example: "Continue AM time w/God, Memorize weekly,
fast monthly," etc...
Example 2: Cheerfully encourage & help..."

4. Keep Statement in my planner & refer to it each week
as I schedule my time.
This keeps me on track, doing what is MOST important
and of greatest value.

Be encouraged.
Be purposeful.
Everything holds meaning when it falls into the greater
scoop of God's purpose for our lives.

How do you stay focused on the important?