Monday, January 24, 2011

It Can't Be Both

This entire month many of us
at Real Church have chosen to read
through Philippians over & over
again in our personal Bible
reading time... and it's so cool.

One of the many things Jesus
has spoken to me through
this book is this..

"Don't Worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything."
(Phil 4:6)

It's an "either/or" situation.

You can't worry AND pray.
You do one or the other!

Worry kills prayer.
Prayer kills worry.

Which one do you do most often?

(Jesus also spoke more to me about why I tend to NOT pray
as much as I think... check tomorrow's post for more.)

(Above photo was taken years ago of my daughter, Mariah)


Mary Beth said...

Great word Netta. And I know I have to remind myself of te rest of that verse: that we pray with THANKSGIVING and THEN the peace comes to replace the worry. So many times we petition and stil fret because we haven't thanked HIM that he is God and is taking care of us.

erin said...

When I'm worried, I remember to pray and my prayer drives away worry..but my busy-ness tends to drive away prayer. If I'm too busy or distracted with my "list" of stuff, I'll get overwhelmed and forget to pray..then I'll start to worry and become upset..then FINALLY remember to pray. Arg!
God has pointed out so much of this during these weeks of fasting. It's frustrating, but encouraging at the same time.

freddie said...

I just wrote this in my journal last week. I realize when I feel conflicted, thats when I'm trying to do both, and it doesn't work. I'm thankful for people around me and the Word to remind me of the truth.

Semalee said...

Wonderful reminder~! Thanks!

Semalee @ Nailing Jello to a Tree

erika said...

I love that verse!! Never really thought of it like that- that worry would kill my prayers. I'm thankful that we are reading phil this month!

Less worrying more praying!

Noelle said...

I love that: "Worry kills prayer. Prayer kills worry." It's going up on my fridge, Netta! Love to you!

mohan37 said...

I worry a lot :-/ But I'm praying more now than last year, so that's a win. Onward and upward! Great post.

Jaime said...

I love this! This is so well put and such a great reminder that worrying cannot exist with prayer.