Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sometimes on Wednesday's I just post a picture...
Not today.

OOOh NO, today is whole big fat day full-a words, baby.

Photo snapped right BEFORE the
following events took place.

Lots of our friends are getting the flu, 
We purposely started our school day a
little later than normal
since we could all use an extra bit of sleep...
But that backfired...
people were draggin around,
having a hard time getting into
the task at hand. I was the worst.
So the morning was a bust.

Then, in somewhat of a random order...

-child bombs quiz

-same child bombs another quiz

- child pees pants (note: not the same child as the one taking tests!)

-another child informs me that yesterday's school work didn't actually get
done as they'd said, so they're a day behind in 2 subjects

-toilet clogs (but I fixed it)

-Soup from a can (for tin can day) is weird... no one eats it...
including me

-water puddle appears in the basement

-this above mentioned basement is filled with the mounds of laundry
that I have fallen sorely behind in washing

-another water puddle is discovered under my kitchen sink

- the Mom (that'd be me) realized that the little pipe under the sink
is causing the basement puddle & fixes it (thanks to instructions from
our friend Zach who'd warned me about it several weeks ago)

-piano practice brings out the stubbornness that my kids may have
inherited from their Mom

-child melts into tears regarding above mentioned quizzes

- above mentioned Mom sheds a few tears of her own & asks
Jesus to please help her with Homeschooling & to show her
who to go about this process with greater ease... and joy

-the kindergarten-aged boy volunteers to do his chores and some
extra one, too

- the child with "pee-pants" takes a nap & wakes up acting like
himself again

- I "stumble" into a timely blog about homeschooling and Jesus whispers
wonderful encouragement and practical ideas into my heart

- I take a deep breath (why do I hold my breath when I'm tense?)

-formerly upset children make conscience efforts to calm down &
move forward

- youngest children are playing nicely together & enjoying Christmas toys

- I grab a Diet Coke & some Multi-Grain tortilla chips (they're practically
health food, you know),  and  I write this blog

- Smile (see the picture at the TOP of the blog)


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Freddie said...

Haha, this is great, well not all the bad stuff, but awesome that it turned around. Glad to know I'm not the only one who cries and asks Jesus to help! Thanks for tonight, loved it!

erinnovian said...

Thank you for being so transparent! Gives me more direction for my prayers for you :) I think I forget sometimes that you and my mom aren't super women... this is strange because you are SO AMAZING!!! Thanks for your encouragement!

Just so ya know... I was TERRIBLE at taking tests! To make matters worse... Meghan(who in my mind should have been 2 years behind me in school) excelled at EVERYTHING academic! Which meant there were many times we would take the same test and she would finnish first with a perfect score! grrrrrrrrrr...but I'm not bitter ;) I finnished strong though! excelled at all of my college classes and only this week shocked the pants off one of my superiors at work when I explaned that I am not in fact a college graduate :)

Pants said...

Thank you Netta for being so transparent with your life. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! I always enjoy reading your blog!