Thursday, April 16, 2009

Change of Address

No... don't panic!
We're not moving.

A sweet lady who was once-upon-a-time in our youth ministry
and who used to babysit for our oldest daughter (who is
now 16 yrs. old) recently asked me some questions about
ministry and transition. Her greatest concern was her children.

Since we were married (almost 20 years ago) we've had ELEVEN
addresses! (and our most recent address we've had the longest...
nearly 4 years.)
Not every "move" was to a new city/church. Sometimes it was
across town or from a rental to a home we owned. But either way,
it's transition... and transition IS a big deal... GOOD, but BIG!

There's much that could be written about this topic, but here's my
first thoughts on the topic. The things that just popped into my
head when I read my friend's email.

"Be obedient; God's will is the BEST place to be!"
He's always provided people to be "family" to our kids.
People who were like adopted Grandparents,
substitute Aunts & Uncles,
& even older brother & sister-like friends.

These God-given friends love on our kids,
giving them worth by playing with them
& paying attention to them,
making up special games & creating memories
that provide a deep sense of value
and a lasting security of knowing they "belong"

Jesus knows what my children need far more than I do.

When it's God's plan for the parents to transition,
it's also God's plan for their children... His BEST plan.


Jaime said...

This is good stuff. Because as someone who has grown up on the east side of Detroit, married her high school sweetheart, ministered at the same church for 10 years (the church where she met her high school sweetheart), change is not easy for me.

You're awesome.

P.S. Walter the Farting Dog turned out to be pretty awesome! :) And let me know when baseball practice is nearby! We'll hang!

Mary Beth said...

this is what I have always believed as well and have preached it from my soapbox on many occasions. My kids will also testify the same. As hard as our last transition was, looking back they KNOW without a doubt it was God's plan for them.

Jess said...

nice, we're on address #5! :) so thankful for our real church family!

noelle Rhodes said...

whoa. totally what i needed to read today as our website for "going to belfast" just went up. it hit me like a ton of bricks - "we're really moving across seas!" i felt a smidge of panic but then peace pushed its way in my heart and assured me that when it's Him that brings us to new places, He provides all that we need.