Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Frugal is VOGUE!

After reading a great post from LIST MAMA about living frugally,
I started thinking about how the whole country is now trying to
live smarter & cheaper... stuff that I've been doing for 41 years.
(Well, my parents were PRO's at saving money & living on little,
so they started the whole thing, then I took over after about 18 years.)

After all these years it's FINALLY cool to be FRUGAL! Sweet!
Although I never really cared that other people thought, it IS
really wonderful that there's ideas & encouragement everywhere now!

Being frugal - "sparing, simple & plain, costing little"

BUT,the thing that keeps it from driving us crazy is ATTITUDE!

If I look at saving money as my sport... it's fun!
(and it's a sport that I can WIN! a rarity indeed! ha!)

If I look at living with less as a discipline that has eternal value...
then my family & I are better for it!

If I look at frugal living as an avenue to greater creativity...
then it becomes more fun, more colorful, more enjoyable!

If I revel in the face that the rest of the country is just starting
to learn what I've been doing my entire adult life...
then I can smile to myself! (and why not, I TALK to myself
all the time anyway! ha!!!!)

And, special thanks to my Mom (and Dad)
who lived on less,
loved A LOT,
from whom I learned how to do/make much on my own,
and always filled our home with lots of LAUGHTER!
That's what I remember.

It's cool to be FRUGAL!
I'm so VOGUE! :)


Anonymous said...

Funny! I think of it as a sport, too--a game--and since I'm not athletic, I also appreciate being able to WIN!

Anonymous said...

"Yea - - - I read it and it is Vogue; but then so are you already. Papa"

erika said...

good stuff! i followed the links and found some helpful tools! thanks i'm excited to save!!!!

Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

YEAH! I think of saving money at the grocery store like a game and it definitely keeps my perspective right! I'd rather be thinking, "How can I best use the money Gad has given me?" (That's stewardship, friends) rather than, "I can't believe this is all I can spend."