Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keep or Catch?

While thumbing through this wonderful little
cleaning book in an attempt to get inspired to
really do some serious housecleaning this spring,
I ran across this oh, so inspiring quote...

It simply said,
"It's easier to KEEP UP than to CATCH UP!"

Wow, can anyone feel the inspiration?
I can!
Totally inspired to fling this peepy little book across the room...
(the somewhat messy room that is!)

I didn't throw it...
it's a library book.

It's bummed me out for a couple of days, though.
Even brought me to tears yesterday... made my sweet husband
start wracking his brain for the logical reason for my tears.
Tears, yeah.
Logical, not really?

You know, after two days of semi-panic, and the self-destructive
"I-am-a-total-failure-of-a-mom-and-wife" thoughts, I finally heard
the gentle voice of Jesus.
(Why does it take me TWO entire days to shut up & listen!? ...
DO NOT answer that!)

Jesus kindly pointed out that the truly important stuff in my
life was working, was daily and was not behind.

The eternal stuff like
-spending prayer time daily with Jesus
-reading, memorizing & studying the Word of God
-building an ever-stronger relationship with my Husband
-enjoying & teaching our children
-loving on the family & friends He's given to me
-loving on the church family & other ministry friends in my life

Yeah, so my house, basement, closets and corners are in serious
need of some CATCHING UP... but I refuse to do any "catching up"
that would screw up the healthy, growing parts of my life that are
already "KEEPING UP!"

God knows what I can handle, and perhaps this spring & summer
all those corners will get caught up. Until then, I'll focus on the
lasting stuff.
It's more FUN anyway!

Oh, and the book is good, full of ideas for homemade cleaning
products that aren't all full of weird ingredients! I just may
buy a copy for myself after I return this one to the library!
(or perhaps just renew it a few times until my limit is up
and then pay a small fee... as usual!)


Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

Good perspective. It's so easy to feel like I'm behind on everything and that I can't possibly be the wife/mom I'm trying to be ... but God. I expect myself to be perfect ... so silly. said...

that's good!

Ruth Chowdhury said...

You do not know how encouraging this was for me to read. I was having those EXACT same thoughts (I'm a failure as a mom/wife) about the exact same things (behind on dishes, laundry, basic housework, etc.) and I was even brought to tears. Fortunately I don't think Chris saw the tears. Anyway, you reminded me that I am "keeping up" on the important stuff. So, well, that's gonna have to do for now! Thank you so much, Netta!!

wellie said...

I loved this post! Just wanted I needed to hear today. Silas and Troy have that stomach bug too and laundry is taking over... and I mean, TAKING OVER! Thanks for being faithful living your live transparently before us. I know need it!