Friday, March 20, 2009

"Don't Let me Go!" Book Give Away!

It's amazing how much you can
accomplish when you just do a little bit
everyday! (Please tell me this principle works with
exercise, too??? But that's besides the point!)

I've been reading several books at once-
sorta doing things the hard way, but it's working. Amazingly I'm
actually getting to the end of them, too :)

This book, "Don't let me Go" by David Pierce, has been an easy read.
The author tells about the true experiences of he and his teenager
daughter. He's funny, honest and shares some of his own childhood
and how he now sees it connected to his parenting abilities... and
what he does because of it and in spite of it.

He & his daughter hike mountains & run marathons as he attempts
to answer her unspoken question of, "I'm growing up. What are you
going to do about it?"

I'm one chapter shy of finishing it... but will do that this weekend.
The publisher's have given me an extra copy to give away...
maybe to YOU!

It's easy to read. Not super deep, but a nice way to prompt thought
and consideration about my own parenting choices and uses of time.

If you'd like this FREE copy, simply leave a comment that's finishes
this statement,
"When I hear the phrase, 'growing up fast' I think of..."

I'll give the book away on Thursday morning, March 26th.

Happy FIRST day of SPRING!
(And, hopefully if everyone stays healthy,
we'll be heading out later to enjoy our annual "First Day of
Spring" ritual: "The buying of the yearly FLIP-FLOP!")


Lyndsey O'Brien said...

When I hear the phrase, 'growing up fast' I think of how fast my kids really are growing up and how much i am excited that they can be in ministry with us, watching us minister.. They sure do grow up way fast....

Carol said...

My beautiful granddaughter Abigail Elarton! I would say she is "growing up way too fast"!! It seems like yesterday that Wendy called me to tell me that we were having an "Abigail" (the day they found out whether the baby was a boy or a girl)! The years have flown by so fast since then. What wonderful memories I have of my very first grandchild - what a blessing she is to us!
Carol Bleich in Hudson

Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

I think of my daughter. She was just a baby a minute ago ... wasn't she?

Anonymous said...

...I think of every moment that I have left. Two beautiful treasures I have in my girls. We are not able to have any more and though there are days (in these toddler years) when I think that is not such a bad thing, there are a million more instances when I am reminded to treasure every beautiful moment that I have. I am also challenged all the more to make ever moment "worth it"... was that argument "worth it", was there something worthwhile that can be learned in this teachable moment (for them and me). There have been a few instances in the last few years when I've gotten slack from some coworkers for working so little and staying home with the girls, but really it means nothing. These are the few incredible, foundational, teachable years when I get to have my girls all to myself before they start school and my hearts goal is to take it for everything that I can.

Long winded, I know J But I had a nice time thinking about it!

Love you!


Leah said...

When I hear the phrase "Growing Up Fast," I think of the fact that our daughter isn't even born yet and her daddy is already thinking about what her wedding day will be like! We're definitely wanting to enjoy each season that God gives us and want to soak up all the wisdom we can in the meantime! Thanks for the great reference. :-)

Margie said...

When I think of 'growing up fast' I think of myself, my mom died when I was 16 months old and by the time I was in 4th grade I was making dinner when my dad returned from work, cleaning house, babysitting for dad's friends (at 12 I babysat 4 kids over night on a regular basis).

Brooke G. said...

When I hear the words "growing up too fast", I think about all the little girls that I teach daily. I am reminded about their purses, cheap makeup, spicy attitude, lack of positive role models, and yes even the pressures to look good. Believe it or not, even kindergartners are being influenced and pressured to become grown women by age 7. It makes me want to try harder to cultivate healthy growth with my little girl-soon to enter the world:)
I also think about when I was little and how much I desired to be a "big" girl". I did grow up too fast and wish I would have allowed myself to enjoy the journey more.