Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last week my little boys passed the stomach virus
back & forth for 6 days.
It went North & it went down south, with a vengeance!
Many diapers were purchased & used up quickly.
(if you know what I'm sayin'!)

Laundry piled high.
Toys set up new homes in corners.
We nearly forgot what "outdoors" looked like.
(too cold to go out anyway...sigh!)

BUT... yesterday! It changed!
Not the weather, but the climate of our home!

The boys are feeling better & I left the house! YIPPEE!
Nothing too exciting except that simply walking outside
and driving somewhere was wonderful!!!

I got groceries... Aldi (with a pre-stop at Walmart, where
we recycled 410 cans! That's $41 in Michigan! Paid for
more diapers! and etc...)

But, as great as "getting out" can be, I'm reminded of the
greater moments I had while inside with my sick little boys-
cuddling & snuggling, getting to read even more books
and catching up on all the kids shows we don't usually watch.

Diapers... lotsa money
Generic Pedialite.... not as much thanks to coupons &
our friend, Crystal
Extra Snuggling Time Together... PRICELESS!

And hey, I'm giving away a book tomorrow. Click here to

Happy Tuesday!

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erika said...

glad to hear the boys are feeling better!!