Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Burnt Out?

Are you?
Just plumb tired of your everyday responsibilites & jobs?
Worn out.

Our Pastor... who just happens to be my Husband, just
shared an amazing message on this very thing.

I'm posting a link and several quotes. But...

WARNING: if you're not interested in change & would
rather "waller" in your self-pity, then don't read this and
certainly don't listen to the sermon - which is a free download
on itunes. Click here and then click on the ear buds on the
right side of the page!
Or just go to itunes and search ichilly.

So, if you're still reading.... here's the quotes:

"When we exaggerate our problems & everything that's
wrong, we ignore what's right in our life."

"Complaining brings Numbness!
Numbness brings confusion!
Confusion brings doubt... making us wonder if God's still here."
(FYI, God doesn't move!)

"I am NOT responsible for other peoples' response,
I AM, however, just responsible to tell the truth" (preach it, teach it,
live it, etc).

"When we allow ourselves to start questioning our purpose we
start wanting to to control people, situations, problems, etc."
(FYI, remember, this is the job of the Holy Spirit, not ours'!)

"When we stop doing what we're created to do
we come up with all sorts of reasons why 'He's not there'."

"We can't control the feelings that pop in our heads,
but we CAN control our commitment! We stick to
it because we are committed to Jesus!"

And my own note to some of my friends who are tired & worn out
in their ministry.... DELEGATE!!!
We need it and other people need the opportunity.
Stop controlling & let the Spirit lead you AND them!

Be Encouraged, My Friends!
Do everything as unto the Lord!


husband said...

you're very nice.

Jaime said...

So true...every word.

You and Chilly are awesome!

I really like the "delegate" part. Being new to the lead pastor gig, that's something we're learning!

Have a great day!

Jess said...

yes, so good!!

mo said...

amen Netta! Right on about delegating. I've been thinking about that with the worship team.

anyway, great post. i love the summary. now I don't need to go to church!

just kidding. haha.