Saturday, March 28, 2009

Amazing Weekend!

This weekend was AMAZING!

Thursday night-
Chilly & I were treated to a night at
a bed & breakfast. This was a gift from our kind
friends at Auburn Hills Christian Center.
THANK YOU! We relaxed, ate a great meal, slept
a ton, ate a great breakfast and had some wonderful
time away!

Friday evening-
We just popped into a furniture resale shop
and found a much needed little, sturdy
old desk. Just a few weeks ago I asked Jesus to help
me get order in some areas of my life, and really
felt that a desk was His answer.
So I asked Him for one.
AND... the money used to buy this sturdy, antique desk
(that was 1/2 price)was Christmas money from Chilly's
parents that we hadn't spent yet!
Thanks, Jesus!
Thanks, Mom & Dad C!

My long awaited computer
power cord arrived!
Now I can really get some
work done on my new desk!!!

(Special thanks to my friend, Kari, who loaned me
her cord for a week... that's friendship!)
some things around the house were fixed, repaired
and better than new, thanks to our friend, Zach!

true to my commitments in my new year of life,
I've managed to crank out some whole wheat pasta
that my entire family enjoyed! The first attempt
last week was, um... weird & mushy.
But I adjusted by whole wheat to white wheat
ratio and only cooked it few minutes!
(some good advice from our friend, Jumpy!)
It was yummy...& got thumbs up from everyone!
(And at our house, "everyone" is a lot of people!)

Before it's cooked!

Homemade w. wheat
pasta with a creamy
garlic & spinach
chicken sauce.

Both Saturday night & Sunday AM my husband rocked
it with the final sermon to the "Whisper" series.
(you can find it free on search Chilly Chilton)
He used some little grass seeds as an analogy to the parable
of the sower & four kinds of soil. At the end we passed
around little tiny saucers of seeds for people to take a
few to keep or plant as a reminder. As I handed the
tiny plate of seeds to a sweet older man who speaks
very little English he quickly took a pinch and popped
"OH, you don't wanna eat that!"....
too late
Well, I guess time will tell if some springtime grass
is now beginning to grow in his tummy!
Only in Hamtramck! I love it!

What a great weekend!
Thank You, Jesus, for sending me to Detroit!
Thank You, for giving me the greatest Man on earth!
Thank You for my family & friends....
Thank You for friends who share & help us,
and Thank You for all the kind people who read this
and share the details of my life with me!

Happy Week!


Chris said...

I thought I was the only one who saw that guy eat the grass seed...

It was a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

that's so funny! i knew someone had to have eaten that stuff. haha. great weekend fo sho!

erika said...

the desk looks great!
pasta looks yummy!

and can't wait to listen to the podcast from this wknd.. i missed being there for sure!