Monday, March 16, 2009

This year of life I'm ...

Yeah, I'm so past the "trama" of turning 40... that's SO last year!
(and any "post-trama" that may have existed from turning 41.
In recent weeks I've made some slight & gradual changes.
Drastic changes don't usually stick. Slow ones do... and
have been so far!

This new year of my life I've started...

-cooking with more whole grains
(my new pasta maker attachment is gunna work GREAT!)

-making most of our bread
(I don't have a bread maker, but it's not hard to do)

-exercising 5 mornings a week
(It's only been 15-20 minutes so far, but hey, it's a start!)

-verbalizing positive things

-keeping my mouth shut about negative stuff

-doing somthing about the things that I used
to just complain about

-working harder at making everyday moments special
(Here's a fav site for silly fun everyday!)

-finishing projects that I've already started

- spending less and appreciating more!

Lotsa small things add to something BIG!

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erika said...

cool stuff! wow- this year is FLYING!