Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Parents, Be Encouraged!

A couple of thoughts that were inspired by an
email "conversation" with my friend, Sara,
who is wife & mom of two little girls.

Be Encouraged!

Stubborness is strength!
It's our job to properly direct it.

Our weaknesses are just the flip side of our strengths!
And so it is with our children.
Help them flip it around the right way.

Be careful not to take our childrens' outbursts too personally.
If we do, we're sure to regret our own actions/outbursts.

Pause occasionally & look into their eyes & faces!
This is especially helpful when we're frustrated.

Stop. Take a deep breath.
Everything we need to parent is IN us... JESUS!

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1 comment:

heather said...

great tips - harrison is definately asserting his own will at the moment - must be a nearly 3 year old thing!! It's a great reminder than stubborness can be a strength - thanks