Saturday, May 8, 2010

House Hunting in The D

We've been house hunting in Detroit (the city... not a suburb)
for 13 months now & have seen over 50 houses. Now we're
currently in the process of buying one... but there's lotsa ducks
that still have to line up. (to coin a corny phrase... hee hee)

Walking through all these bits of history has taught me more
about Detroit, then & now. I've learned lots from our friend,
Tim, who's basically a walking Detroit-Housing-Historian.
Thanks, Tim!

As frustrating as "house-hunting" can be, it serves to enrich
my understanding & love of Detroit!

Here's a tiny sampling of the many interesting things we've seen.
(I've taken an average of 30 pics per house. That's 1500 pics.
Most are deleted, but I saved a few.)

(historic but poorly functioning kitchen)

(elevator, built in 1920's)

(Missing furnaces, water heater, copper pipes)

(bathrooms with nothing in them)

(historic beauty... and secret rooms!)

(Remains of a kitchen in a 5 yr. old house)

(If only the inside reflected the same care as the
outside of this showed)

We continue to pray for GOD's plan...
not our's!


Chris said...

Thanks for bringing us along. Wow! So much potential and... frustration with those. Praying with you and your family. Excited to see how HE provides!

erika said...

I love pictures! Praying for you guys and your house journey! Luv ya -Ka!

Melanie said...

Netta!! looks like you guys had a lot of fun looking at the houses!! :) there is some great potential I see!!! :)
Praying that you guys get settled too and for protection over the house - I suppose it would be great to have a kitchen and copper pipes and a furnace when you eventually move!! :) Love ya!

Netta said...

Thank you, Friends, for your comments & prayers!
I'm so exciting to see how this all turns out, too!

Freddie said...

i love these kind of adventures! i'm excited for you!