Saturday, May 1, 2010

Frustration, Lies & more...

Several friends
Different conversations
Same topic

Frustration, anger, resentment, unforgiveness

Any form of these most often comes from the same thing...

Sounds harsh

Before you start listing the exceptions, let me say that
this is NOT always the case... but often!!! Often!

For example... Think about it:
A loved-one fails to recognize a rather significant situation
in your life (or they fail to respond the way you think they should).
You feel sad.
You thought they would paid attention to you & your needs.
They used to.
Maybe they're too busy now.
Maybe they care, but not really as much.
Hmm, You probably are good enough anymore.
Your friendship isn't good enough for them.
They have been hanging out with lots of new people lately.
Your relation is definitely heading in a bad direction.
This changes everything.
Wow, my other friends haven't really contacted me either.
I'm probably not too valuable to them either.
I don't feel like connecting with anyone either.

Sounds like a sitcom.
But it's fairly true of how quickly we allow our brain to think the
worst and then start believing it.
We think the worst of others.
We think the worst of ourselves.
Lies devalue everyone involved.
(That's the opposite of JESUS)
The more we think about something the more it becomes truth to us.
We'd like to blame to devil, but we do this lying to ourselves.

Honestly, it's an on-going battle to refuse the lies that wanna live
in our thoughts. But it's up to us.
Feed our minds the truth.... THE WORD OF GOD!
and keep reeling in our thoughts to the TRUTH!

When unforgiveness has a hold of you ask the Holy Spirit
to point out what lies you've been believing!

I choose to believe TRUTH!
JESUS loves me enough to give His life for me.
He loves others.
I trust Him. I give up my "rights" and love others.
There's such freedom in that!


Wellie said...

I think that biggest thing I struggle with is 'resentment' - as soon as I think I have gotten over something, I start to get that ugly feeling again. The Word of God is the only truth I can stand on ... Lord knows, if I relied on my feelings... everything would be crazy crazy crazy. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Netta...a powerful and insightful word that you share with us.
We need this advice at every age...whether young or old.
Love you.