Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FEET! I'm blogging about Feet?

(Guys, don't click away yet. It's not really a girlie post!)

Last week my Mom took my 3 daughters & me to get a pedicure.
Our FIRST ever!

I hate feet. They creep me out.
Because of that, I've kept my feet decently-cared-for
and nails polished since I was in 4th grade.

That said, going to a salon to willing let someone ELSE
touch my feet was a big step. iiiickk
But ... it was OK... really.

when she first touched my feet
I squirmed... it tickled
when the little medal tools came into sight
I turned away
when the giant cheese grater-thingy came into view
I closed my eyes & concentrated on breathing

When it was all said & done... I liked it.
Honestly, My feet looked the same as they always do.
But they didn't FEEL the same!
They were different!
Softer. Smoother. Deep down- much better!

Much like our hearts...
(I know, I'm comparing feet to hearts...and that's kinda gross!)

We do what we've always done...
-normal Bible Reading
-routine prayer
- casual Christian conversations..

and the results of those efforts seems fine enough
good enough
our hearts aren't gross or dirty looking
we appear fine

But if we let the MASTER perform the heart-treatment
of His choice, then we find out that there's MUCH to change!
He soaks us in His loving kindness
He softens our edges
Smooths away hurts that have turned into harden calluses
Gently uses the tools of His Spirit to reshape the unseen areas,
Makes us more confident.

We may appear the same to other people,
but we know that our heart is different,
our attitudes & motives are changed...
because we let the Master, JESUS, do what He loves to do.

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kathryn said...

I definitely never thought of comparing our feet to our heart before, I loved this post! There is such a difference when God is the one who cleans my heart.

And that giant cheese grater thing is VERY intimidating.