Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Grateful Comparison

Does is bug you when someone says, "Oh, I totally know
exactly how you feel?"

Although we may be able to relate to someone on some level,
we don't really know exactly what they're going

So, with this truth in mind, I humbly make the following
comparison between ministry families and military families.

The "ministry family" part I know... I'm living it and
loving the life I'm called to.
The "military family part"... I don't pretend to really know
what their lives are like, but from those I've known and the
blogs I read and the few I currently know, I've seen some
similarities between the two.
I'm listing this comparison ONLY to heighten our respect
and admiration for them & the courageous lives they lead.

Here's my observations:

- Often live away from their families

- Move from place to place

- Must force themselves to make relationships even though
it's possible that they'll move again soon

- Learn to rely on friends as family (we find this a blessing!)

- Good at packing boxes & moving

- Are acquainted with "lonely"

- Knowing that their husbands are on the front lines for the cause

- Risk is a way of life

- Strong Wives/Moms who must function for long periods
of time while the husband is away
(NOTE: my husband travels quite a bit, but I don't even pretend
to relate to the military wives who are separated from spouses
for months/years!)

My comparison must end here... I know there's so much more that
they endure,
that they sacrifice,
that they give...

I'm so VERY grateful to the countless families who live a completely
different lifestyle than I could ever truly relate to... all because they
have chosen to serve our country...
to serve us!

With tears in my eyes I write...
Thank you, Service Men & Woman and your families!
Your sacrifice is unlike ANY other!
I respect you, admire your courage and pray for you regularly!
Our freedom, our flag, our country means SO much to me!
Thank you for protecting all that we hold dear!


Mandy said...

Thank you so much for this post! We appreciate your prayers and support, more than you know! And I personally greatly appreciate your encouragement and thoughts! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks netta :)
We love u and your family
The Fogartys (all 2 of us)