Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Ramblings

Totally Random thoughts!

(some may tick you off or offend you... sorry)

Front Porch picnics are nice

"Nickname-kinda-words" that I can't stand
- Hubby
- Wifey
- Kiddos
- Preggo

It's a bummer when someone gives you a gift but
it comes with so many expectations attached that
you can't really enjoy the gift. (The kind of expectations
that make the giver "feel" or look good,)

Stress isn't all about scheduling.

Little Cream Waffer cookies are ridiculously yummy
and should only be made once every few decades...
cuz they're so small you can just pop'um in your mouth.
Not good!

House hunting in Detroit is an adventure... to say the least
(and that's a subject for a whole 'nother blog post)

My daughter graduates this weekend

I'm thankful for air conditioning

Personal growth hurts... but it turns out to be
a good hurt

I'm an organizationally challenged person,
but I've learned heaps of tricks over the years
that work for me... Thank You, Jesus!

In a few weeks I'm gunna go to bed and not
have to get up for ANY reason... and I can
just sleep & sleep that day! (I'm smiling with
a dreamy look on my face right now!) hee hee

My youngest daughter is completely finished
with her school work for this year. Besides some
online testing she... We ... are done! Again,
thank You, Jesus!

Oh, the laundry calls my name.

What are you ramblin' about today?

1 comment:

Jaime said...

I hate all of those nicknames as well. Every single one of them makes my blood run cold.

Gifts with expectations - my mom used to give me gifts like that all the time! LOL! It was ridiculous!!!

Have fun at your daughter's graduation tonight!!!

P.S. We are coming to her rooftop shindig tomorrow! Can't wait to see you guys!