Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's going on?

"What's going on
isn't always about

what's really going on."
(quote from my friend Ilene)

We know there's always more to the story, more underneath,
more that's unspoken or misunderstood. There's reasons that
aren't obvious and emotions that run deep from situations
about which we have no clue.

I'm praying for wisdom:

Wisdom to listen more & talk less.
Wisdom to understand with the heart of Christ.
Wisdom to watch, pay attention and pray... BEFORE I talk!
(see the Book of JAMES! from the BIBLE!)

This doesn't just apply to those I "minister" to, but to
those who are my highest calling... my family!

My husband deserves more attention.
My children deserve more listening time and eye contact.
My dog deserves... uh... well, it's gunna stop there!

There's more to what's going on than meets the eye...
have you noticed?

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