Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sweet 16 Party!

If you read my blog from Tuesday you know that our
beautiful, oldest daughter is the Birthday Girl this week!
Sixteen Years ago TODAY our pink little baby girl
entered the world. I'm so proud to be her Mom!

We celebrated on Tuesday.... ROCK THE PARK!

It was simple, fun and reflective of her taste!

She painted old vinyl records and we hung
them all over the trees!

Melted records made great picture frames for
childhood & current pics!

(Place record over a metal bowl or baking
pan for 2 min. in a 250 degree oven,
then carefully mold.
It cools quickly! If you mess up,
simply put back into the oven)

We also melted records into serving bowls
and trays, which we lined with a piece of
wax paper. (forgot to take pics)
Some of them were old, scratched
up Motown records... pretty cool!
(since that's where we live)

And her cake!
Wow, it looked so sweet!
It was our first try at using fondant... and it was
blast to make. Mariah did all the little details on it.


(fondant tastes a little weird, but looks SO cool!)

I love you, sweet girl! Happy Birthday! xoxox

1 comment:

Mary Beth said...

Netta... you are the coolest most creative mom!!!!!

Melted record albums! That would have NEVER entered this decor-challenged, non-creative mind. What fun!