Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sixteen Years Ago??

It's Tuesday... my computer is... um unconscious...
(we're hoping it's not a fatal situation...sigh).

I'm using Riley's computer... she's turning 16 this week!
eeeeekkkkk! SIXTEEN!!!!
(What in the world?)

Preparing for her celebration ...so FUN! We're doing tons
of stuff ourselves... ok... everything ourselves. (The cake
may be our all-time best yet!... pics will follow in another
blog later this week!)

As we've been hanging out, working, planning, creating,
crafting, melting, molding, etc... I've had so much fun with
her. I've thought about how she...

- toddled across the lawn from our Canton house to the
church saying, "Ever-body audda go to Sunday cool."

-told everyone we "ate our doggy for Sanks-giving"
(that's another blog for another day)

-thought every teenager in Youngstown was "her Repo kid"

-started school and led a little friend to Jesus in KINDERGARTEN!

-endured a rough year as the "new kids" in Royersford

-was a lead role in every kids' musical in West Chester

-started cooking dinner nightly while I was on bed rest in Ferndale

-ministered in nursery and kids' ministry in Hamtramck

-started taking bass guitar lessons & soon began playing on Sundays

-became good friends with Real Church mascot, Buddy! wink, wink

What I don't remember is exactly how she changed & grew....so FAST!
it's happened too quickly!

She's beautiful, sweet, considerate, helpful, smart, funny, friendly, doesn't
argue and is just a wonderful living example of Jesus - who happens to
have red hair at the moment!

She's lived in lotsa places, lotsa addresses... lots of experiences!
And her life is still only beginning. I'm so proud of her!!!

SIXTEEN years ago I was lying around, miserably saying,
"Please, come on baby... come out! Get movin!"

Now, I look across the room at my beautiful daughter and
say, "Wait, slow down. I adore you! "

I love you, Riley!

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