Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Man!

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This is My Man, Chilly!
Today is his Birthday!

There's so much I could say about him...
I love him so much and he's forever devoted
to Jesus,
to me,
to our children
and to the people we're called to.

In honor of him I decided to post a few quotes
that I jotted down in my journal during his sermon
this weekend from the series "Lessons from the John"
.... yup... these are JUST from ONE message!
(and you can hear it on podcast for yourself, too!)
"The enemy temps us in our weakness to bring
out our failures.
But God tests us in our strengths to bring out our best!"
"It's always tempting to think that we're stronger
than we really are."
"The Father may hurt you, but He'll NEVER harm you."

I love you, Chilly Chilton!

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