Monday, August 11, 2008

Rescue them all?

When we're passionate for Jesus we wanna
rescue everyone! We wanna save them all
from their sinfulness, depression, heartache, etc...

but we CAN'T.

Yeah, I said it. WE CAN'T!!!

It may start out as passion, but can quickly turn
into an insecurity or a need-to-be-needed;
and it pushes us into thinking that we can
"rock someone's world for Jesus."

We're not called to "rock people's world",
that's what JESUS does!
We're called to lead them to Jesus,
tell them about what He's done and
then encourage & teach them.

Jesus does the "rock'n"!
Jesus does the saving.

My life should be an arrow that points to
His LOVE and HIS ability to change their lives!
When we think it's our job to change them it brings
out the bossy, impatient, inconsiderate side of us.

Let's do more pointing to Him & loving them.
Jesus will do the changing.

That's a relief.

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