Friday, August 8, 2008

It's 8.8.08

It's the 3rd month of summer... we've done lotsa
fun things, gone to some fun places and seen
some fun stuff & fun people.
(and YES, I used FUN over and over on purpose!)

We've HAD a FUN summer so far.

But, my ideas and budget are starting to be depleted.
Now what?
We still have several weeks of summer left.
So I'm looking for inspiration.

But wait...

Notice the cool date.
eighth month, eighth day, eighth year!

But um... whatdoya do with that?

So, I went to my favorite silly holiday site
where my creative juices are sparked into action,
but alas... not really today.

It's only ideas where Nat'l Kool-Aid Day today...
so, yeah, we'll drink it, do some art with the dry mix
and maybe make some icy-pops. But, I'm still bored with that.

BUT the cool date... let's get back to that!
The 8...8...8 thing!

Here's the plan: CELEBRATE 8!
(sounds like Sesame Street... not all bad!)

-Serve my family bowls of 8 tiny scoops of ice cream
-Play 8 silly games
-Sing 8 silly songs in the car while running errands
-Serve everyone 8 mini meatballs
(+2 jars of sauce cooked in crock-pot with frozen meatballs,
served over pasta noodles)
-Give everyone 8 good-nights hugs and kisses
-Call the grandparents and wish them "Happy 8 Day!"

Silly.. yes.
Fun... yes.
Giving some fun to ordinary stuff... yeah.

(even if the kids don't appreciate it all, at least their
Mom appreciates the break from the norm!)

HAPPY 8 Day!

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Mary Beth said...

I wanna come live at your fun house! Can I?