Friday, January 2, 2009

So You're Gunna change, huh?

If we think we're gunna change something this year it's probably
a good idea to stop & think about some changes we've most recently
What made them work?
What was the key?

If we've experiences failed attempts at change...
What went wrong?

It's more than deciding to change...
we MUST have a plan.

and I'm admitting it... my plans for change are still
a little sketchy. But as I talk to God, He's showing me
what to change & then beginning to explain the "how's."
The Bible is the lamp & light that directs my way!
(Psalm 119:105)

always room for growth.

Yippee! Cheer & Shout!
Always room for growth!

Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight: Fifty-Two Amazing Ways to Master the Art of Personal Change
By Karen Scalf Linamen


Nicki said...

I think the key to the change is God's involvement. So often I try to change things on my own and find my efforts are futile because I've attempted it without Him.

Netta said...

So true, Nicki. Thanks for the comment... unless God charts my path for change it's pointless. :)