Friday, January 9, 2009

Quick... change it! or NOT!

Quick change may work for a decorating show
(with a team of 22 highly skilled carpenter & decorators).

Quick change may work for bed sheets,
diapers, socks, outfits
and plans for where you're going out to dinner.

But quick changes don't happen when it comes
to ME...
or YOU

I'm reading this great book about realistic change.
I'm only a little way into it,
but have found it very applicable.

Very little "resolutions to change" happens
unless there's a realistic plan in place.
But, I cannot even attempt to make
changes in my life unless I know
they're being directed by God!

This book gives 52 ways to make change a reality...
and the first point is given BEFORE you even
read the first chapter...
So DON'T skip the intro!

I have another copy of this book to give away, and would
love to pick you.

IF YOU WANT the FREE copy of Karen Scalf Linamen's book,

1. one thing that you've changed in your life and
2. what you think made it successful

I'll give it away on Wednesday, Jan. 14th.

Happy Weekend... make it count!


Chilly said...

Someone needs to get in here and leave some love... YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

Disneymum said...

This looks like a great book.

One thing I changed was now I plan my meals two weeks at a time and ahead. The change stuck because it makes life easier.

Anonymous said...

I am changing my attitude to one of gratefulness and I do it one day at a time by purposefully thinking about what I am thankful for when I wake up. It sticks throughout the day and makes me a more pleasant Mommy and wife!

Michele said...

I have changed my life to be a "simplier" or should I say a less busy life.

Knowing that my kids are growing up fast, I want to enjoy every minute with them. To help with this change, I continue to pray daily for those things I should be doing.... not just good things and good choices but GOD things and God (HIS) choices.

Jenna Freeman said...

One thing that I've changed in my life is learned the value of people and put them first, even when I'm overloaded; somehow I'm always blessed and I think that's why it stuck. God showed me how wrong I was in thinking that my business was more important than people.

Fay said...

I have changed my weight and with it my health.

How did it happen... through prayer and Weight Watchers!

OH how much MORE I need to change in my life.

pj said...

Ive changed the way I handle hurt..I forgive easier and I know its only His Grace this has happened

mindy said...

i changed my career for the better thanks for the giveaway

malleycc said...

I changed my outlook about whats important to me when my first daughter was born. She was born with a disability and I realized that most everything I thought was important before really wasn't and home, family, peace, taking time is much more important.

The change has stuck because every time I look into her face and see the smile I realize that there is such innocence, peace and love there that I may never have known before.

Sherry and Gena said...

One thing I have changed and it took a long while but turned me into a new person was FINALLY being able to learn 'Not To Sweat The Small Stuff' and 99% of life IS small stuff.

Margie said...

1. I started watching less tv to read more
2. I decided to make a conscience decision to read more, including... the bible, books for growth. My heart was open to spend more time striving to be more like Christ, instead of my mouth that just talks about it.

Nicki said...

Change I made ... better eating habits. I'm proud of this one and it's stuck for a year now. My husband and I made a commitment together to lose weight and eat better. I think that doing it together is what made us successful. Thanks Netta!

intensitymargie said...

First of all...lots of love to you Netta and thank you for the wisdom God grants you.

I realized around Thanksgiving time that I really appreciated my sister-in-law and step daughters to the point that I wanted to make a difference in their lives and really get to know them. As Christmas came around, my husband and I were invitied to my step daughters home who has walked away from the Lord. We were planning on going to church and then going to their home afterwards. She said that she was going to hold off on dinner as long as possible, but that was the night that they really celebrated Christmas. As soon as I got off the phone, God convicted my heart and I really prayed because I wanted God to transform not only her life, but her husband's and our 3 grandkids. By the next morning, I gave a call back saying that I wanted to cook with her more then going to a service. Her response was, I really would like that Margie. God's running after her heart and everyone in that house...but what am I willing to lay aside in order for Jesus to be spoken there.

The change that I have committed too, was investing into the lives of our family and friends. I don't want to enter the gates and stand before the Lord when He asks, did you do everything to see your family saved. Did I show up for practices, games, shows, birthdays and the times of just because. This became a huge reality in September and my life has been so much richer.

I have entered another season of what do you want from me God? What really matters to you in the end? I want to know the next step and then the next. Change ...hmmmm..sounds perfect to me!

K. Cleaver said...

I've stopped cooking so much. Now I have more time for other things. Seriously! When I do cook, I'll cook more items and larger amounts, then we have plenty for leftovers or "cooks choice" soup.

silverhartgirl said...

I stopped going out to eat so much. Make a menu planner helped a lot.

liane66 said...

I changed my spending habits, by keeping track of everything I spent for a month.


Netta said...

MARLA S. emailed this response to me on Jan. 11th.

You are so real and so encouraging!
I'm not very good about technology, blogging, etc. so thought I'd respond w/a personal email.

There are so many things in my life that God has/is calling me to change. Some have been successful, others have not. I'm still definitely a work in progress and while "I don't know what my future holds, I know who holds my future!" I just came back from a Bible study with an awesome group of ladies and one thing that is evident is that God looks at the heart. I believe that any change that has come about in my life is because God has first and foremost done a work in my heart - regardless of the change. That is the only way to make the change "stick."

Whether you choose to give me a book or not, I love hearing from and being encouraged by you and appreciate being invited into your life through your blogs.