Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy doesn't always mean IMPORTANT

In response to my friend, Freddie's, blog, I wrote the following.

I know that there's so many things that I do the hard way.
My motto is often,
"Why do anything easily when you can make it more difficult!"... ugh!

So, I'm asking God how to streamline what's important and
eliminate what isn't even needed in the first place.

Busy doesn't always mean important!

It's buggin' me now.
"Jesus, help me to be wise and use my time wisely.
(I feel like I keep saying this every year, but as I reflect
I realize that there are a few areas that I've improved upon...
perhaps another blog for another day.)

Just another reminder that I want Jesus to guide
EVERY step of every day!
He knows what's important.
And He's most important to me!

(I'm giving away a book about CHANGE...
see Jan. 9 post!)

1 comment:

mo said...

that's funny that you wrote a post about a comment you left somewhere else. i've done that before too. freddie's blogs are good :) i need to learn from her. haha.