Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowy World

I like living in Detroit!
And I like snow!

Our little slice of the city
doesn't clear the streets,
(no money)
so the snow just keeps piling up.
We drive in deep groves.
Parking on the street
(driveways don't exist)
and hiking over giant piles of snow to get into
your car... well, CAN be a pain.

It can be funny, too... if you wipe out!

Here's a few pics to show you the fun we've had.

These first 3 were last Monday!

"Billy Brrr-sy"
The snowman just
chillin' on the deck.
(my husband's creation)

Our backyard!
I stuck my head outa the
upstairs window to take
these! ha!

Notice the snowman
being made in the bottom
left corner?

Then... more snow... about 10 more inches
came during the week. Here's the deck
railing. Cool lookin'!

Poor "Billy Brrr-sy"...
he's totally covered
in snow!

I love it, though.

The Colorado-girl in me is NOT sick of this!
I still love it!
I can't help it!

Happy Week!

1 comment:

Mary Beth said...

Lord... give me a Netta love for the snow and cold... and remove my desire to run for the Caymans!