Monday, January 19, 2009

"Right, Mom?"

On Monday my youngest daughter,
who is 8yrs. old, and I watched a
History Channel special about
Martin Luther King, Jr. I was using the program to
explain more about the history of
our country and the huge significance of our
new President, Barak Obama.

Thankfully we have "TiVo."
Every few minutes she said, "Wait, can I ask you question?"
Then she would go on to ask some of the most insightful,
understanding and discerning questions you can imagine.

"Why did the people treat other people like that?"

"Didn't they know that God loves everyone the same?"

"Was the whole USA mean to black people?"

"Weren't any of the white people Christians then?"

"MLK didn't fight? Why did people fight about him?"

"What was happening in Detroit when MLK was alive."

"Why didn't they protect him from the shooter?"

"What happened to the white people who stood up for
what was right?"

"I wouldn't care what people said, I would've been friends with anyone,
no matter what color they were... and, well, I am now, too."

"Mom, if our family lived when MLK was alive, we would've been friends
with black people even if the white people were mean to us...
right, Mom?"

I could only nod...
I was too choked up to answer.

What a day in history!
I'm proud to be an AMERICAN!


Ruth Chowdhury said...

I am tearing up, fighting back the tears. I loved reading those questions, and picturing Zoe's concerned look on her face. Yes, Zoe, it is amazing that people thought that way and still do. Thank YOU for being a friend to everyone. Just like Jesus wants you to be. Thank you for sharing, Netta!

erica said...

I am tearing up too... wow. the heart of a child, the heart of our King! :) thanks for the story. and for goodness sake, hug zoe like crazy for me! love you both!

Margie said...

that is AMAZING! Through the eyes of a child... it doesn't make sense to me either!

Wanda said...

Amazing insight of a child that has not been blemished by historical ignorance. You should be proud as a parent that your children do not recognize and judge others by the color of their skin. Her insight obviously comes from what has been taught in the home. A christian home.