Monday, December 29, 2008

My Kids Will Remember

After my 4 hour nap on Sunday afternoon....
yeah... seriously... FOUR hours..
(thanks to Chilly who just let me sleep while
he cared for the boys)...

I realizing that Christmas was fun,
and we did so many things together,
made memories,
shared the love of Jesus with many,
and used our collective creative juices often! BUT...

Now... I'm looking at the house.
It's a mess...
it's unorganized with a thick haze of craze hanging over it.


But that's OK.
My kids won't remember the dust monsters
(they're WAY past "bunnies")

My kids will remember the crazy laughter and silly fun we had
making new stockings together.

My kids will remember singing on the stage at church on Christmas
Sunday morning, and that their parents were super proud and
our next door neighbors were so kind to come watch them, too.

My kids will remember tromping around after a huge snow-storm,
jumping from the swings into huge snow mounds.

My kids will remember making gifts for each other this year...
using fabric, supplies and materials we already have to
invent a present that the other brother/sister will hold dear.

My kids will remember dancing around to Christmas music and
making a ridiculous amount of yummy desserts and treats to
consume and share with others.

My kids will remember that Daddy read them the story of Baby Jesus
on Christmas Eve before they went to bed... and we all enjoyed it.

My kids will remember having 23 people crammed in our small house
and playing the new games we opened that day.

My kids will remember the chocolate mint cake we made for Jesus
and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus before we ate all those desserts.

My kids will remember that they made gifts for their friends this year
and had a blast doing it.

My kids will remember staying in our jammies past noon on the day AFTER
Christmas just to play games & have fun with the new toys.

My kids will remember that Jesus loves them; that Mommy & Daddy love them;
that they have amazing siblings; that their family, friends & church are awesome!

Dust monsters.... who cares.

Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women
By Susan Hunt


chilly said...

it was a great Christmas. thank you.

Mary Beth said...

I am so glad I have a kindred spirit in these matters... I needed this this morning as my nephew JUST looked at me and said, "your house is messy!"

Of course... he failed to recognize HE was the reason for most of the mess. LOL BUT he is having fun and that is the most important thing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder that the mess doesn't matter! its the fun people remember. i always lose track of that! the book u are reading sounds really cool! do u think it would be good for me to read in reference to mentoring teenagers?

Netta said...

Yes, Jess, the book seems like it'll be great for mentors of all ages. Honestly I've only read a few chapters so far & it's leaving a mark on me already. It's an old book that I found on Amazon... I've read something else by the author, too. Good stuff!

mo said...

memories are priceless. clean house can wait! thanks for the memories. wow that sounds so cheesy. hehe.

Lana said...

Oh I LOVE this post = and the most recent one on change. You are an amazing Mom - of all the ways you've been an example to me, that takes the cake! (mmm...wish I could have shared in Jesus' cake with you!)