Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Cookies, Please!

I have a soft spot for cookies...
well, I guess it's just for sugar in general!
ha... ugh.

Last night some of the ladies from our church had
a cookie swap... (really just an excuse to get together!)

Several magazines have recently featured Jam Thumbprint
cookies and it took me back to childhood... making them
with my Mom, who used to make a zillion cookies every
December! So, I made a few batches of them. mmmmm

Then, feeling creative, I changed a recipe
for Oatmeal Cookies
and turned them into Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookies with
a Cranberry Cream Cheese filling.
(They tasted yummy but looked kinda... um... different!)

It made me think about my relationships with friends and those
around me.... many I've known for several years and find such
joy and safety in your friendships.
And there's others around me who are future friends...
someone new,
someone who has a different combination of experiences,
someone who can add something wonderful to my life!

I want to keep adding friends to my life -
never getting tired of
reaching out,
opening up,
being vulnerable
and enjoying to thrill of "new & different."

I don't wanna always be the same... as temping and secure as it feels.
There's new cranberry walnut cookies out there!
There's more people that should be moved from "acquaintance" to FRIEND!
I'll have more cookies, please!

Connecting with God's Family
By Brett Eastman, Dee Eastman,
Denise Wendorff, Todd Wendorff,
Karen Lee-Thorpe


Lana said...

Sounds yummy! This "old friend" wishes she could have been there. Love you

mo said...

cute pics! i like the one with frowny-crystal.

I'll have you know that i had my very own cookie exchange all by myself and it was awesome. I ate all of freddie's leftover cookies. it was the most fun ever. who needs cookie exchange. hrumph.