Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 Our house sat empty for months before we bought it.
It was in decent condition, but the weeds were starting
to feel right at home.


Honestly, we've only lived here a few weeks and I
had already stopped noticing them.
I was used to those weeds.
They were almost decorative.


But then...
Our friends came to the rescue!

About 15 of our wonderful friends came over on Saturday
and pulled weeds, and raked, and pulled weeks, and
helped fix the pipes so we can water the lawn next spring,
and did I mention that they pulled weeds?


My life is the same.
So is your life.
We have areas that we ignore, don't wanna deal with,
so we don't.
Then weeds grow. Little compromises that junk up our lives.
Little attitudes that are sin. Plain & simple.
We get used to them.

It takes honest, Jesus-lovin' friends to point'um out
and help us decide to get rid of the weeds.
Then, great friends go the next step, too, and
help us establish a working system (like the water pipes)
that will keep the healthy growth happening.

Do you have friends like this?
You must BE one to have one.
(and your life must be respectable before you can
earn the right to speak truth into a friend's life)


Netta said...

Hmm, I've gone in twice to edit this post so that it's not so spaced out... but it still is. LOL
Not sure why. Sorry.

mo said...

personally, I like to imagine what's hiding in that white space. like you wrote more, and the had to censor it because of its sensitive nature.

what is she hiding?

Jeni Bell said...

ah, thank you Netta!!!

Pants said...

Those attitudes/ weeds are sneaky... thank God for friends like you :)

riley said...

i thought the spaces were for dramatic effect

love youuu