Friday, October 8, 2010

But I followed the Rules...

People of every surrounding city were afraid of him.
Kings' hearts melted in fear.
He was takin the Promised Land by storm...

One of my favs.
He took on a big job and just DID it!
God directed, he obeyed.

But then there was that ONE time...

That time in Joshua 9 where he was super
aware of God's rules -
"Don't make a peace treaty with any country that is nearby!"
but... still broke'um.

Here's how he did it:

- Joshua used his own wisdom  By looking at the enemy
it appeared that their story checked out.
HUMAN Wisdom... faulty!
(Josh. 9:14)

- He failed to ask God about the situation. (vs. 14)

Just following the rules with our own human insight is NOT
enough to get the job done... and those following us will
pay a price.

Whether you're leading a ministry, a family or a group
of friends, your choices will leave a mark.
Sure... OBEY God... of course.
But TALK to Him.
ASK for His insight.
LISTEN to His specific leading!

I'm sure Joshua (and all the Israelites from that era)
would tell you the same.


Jeni Bell said...

JUST what I needed. Thanks Netta.

mo said...

Nice :) I blogged about this too!

Adam said...

I love what we can learn from this story!
God really spoke to me in a totally unexpected way through it today!

Mandy said...

Love the story of Joshua!! So inspiring and so applicable to our lives today!

Erin said...


"Lord, please keep me from living by my own or anybody else's wisdom. Let me ever cling to YOU and YOUR wisdom, even if/when it doesn't make 'sense'!!!"