Monday, October 25, 2010

Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010

My family says I
talk to myself, but
I prefer to think of it
as "thinking out loud!"

Here's what I've been
thinkin' lately...

- Paint Primer really does stick to all surfaces...
just take a peek at my hair

- Insecurity brings out such yuckiness

- By tomorrow night our family bathroom will be an
adorable shade of pale green/blue

-  I really do enjoy painting

- Just because I enjoy something doesn't mean I'm
great at it

- But, if I practice today & I'll be better tomorrow

- Everyday I ask Jesus for creativity because the older
I get the less often great kids-ideas pop into my head... sigh

- Dollar movie theaters are such
a fun way to enjoy
a day off with the family,
especially on Mondays
when the $1 movie is 1/2 price!

- Del Taco's $ .39 tacos make a
cheap dinner to follow
the 1/2 price dollar movie days

- How awesome!  The whole fam  gets dinner & movie
for a total of $13... now that's a frugal day out!!!

- Nanny McFee Returns ... ADORABLE

- TMJ, hurts

- Jesus desires to change me... daily

- I really want to hang up shelves & then paint, paint, paint!

- Naps! Aww, they're so nice

1 comment:

mohan37 said...

I've got a spot of primer from a week ago that wont come off. I even tried bathing!