Friday, October 22, 2010

Life in the D & Mistaken Identity

Mistaken identity sometimes gets the good-guy caught
instead of the bad. Well, at least in the movies, and we just
watched a movie about that last night.

But then today...

- Drove 1/2 hour south of the city with 3 of my kids 
to pick up a my daughter's friend
- On the highway home, just a couple of minutes from our house 
I suddenly hear zillions of sirens

- The sight in my rearview mirror makes me JUMP!

- There's about 5 police cars behind & almost beside me!

- Lights flashing! Sirens blasting!

- Where in the world did they just come from!

- Have I been in their way? Was I daydreaming?

- I've gotta get out of their way, QUICKLY

- I pull over. 

- So do they. 

- All of them. Marked cars. Unmarked Cars. Pull over.

- Wait?  WHAT?

- I wasn't even speeding. 

- Officers. Uniformed & in street clothes w/badges hanging around
their necks.

- I roll down my window and stick my head out to hear what he's yelling

- "Roll down ALL your windows!"

- I do.

- An officer cautiously but quickly  approaches my window

- His gun is drawn!

- He looks inside. At me. At the kids, who are as clueless as I am.

- Officers on 3 sides of the car.  Guns drawn!  

- WHAT in the WORLD?

- The officer at my window yells over his shoulder 
that we're "not the ones"

- (I know!  I know!  We're not!)

- At another window an officer asks where I've been & had I been downtown.

- No! I tell him where we were & what highways we'd used.

- He tells me there's a car exactly like mine that is going around downtown
today bashing (or stealing) cars. 

- They tell me I can go

- In a second they're in their cars, leaving

- Just like that.... 

- My heart was pounding. 

- I wish I'd told them I appreciate what they do.

- I wish I'd told them that I'm grateful for their protection.

- I did, however, use this incident to explain to my little boys that we don't have
to be afraid of the policemen because they were working at catching the
"bad guys" and as soon as they saw who we were, they went on.

- Now, this afternoon, I keep on praying for those officers, and for
their search

Grateful to live in the Protection of JESUS!
Grateful that He's called me to live in Detroit!


cassie beer said...

Whoa!!! I bet your heart was going a million beats a minute!! Bet your kids will remember that forever :)

erin said...

I think I would be peeing my pants. I've never even been pulled over! Way to stay cool, and even use it as a lesson for the boys. You're awesome!
Policemen and women are pretty great too.

Chris said...

Wow! Great response! I bet the boys thought it was pretty cool!

erika said...

Wow... thats crazy!!

Jason Ho said...

goodness, 5 cars!!

Joe (one of my alias') said...

I, actually, think Netta is living a double-life and that there was NO mistaken identity (our family is just her 'cover')...

mohan37 said...

Bet you were worried about all those grapes you'd ever popped into your mouth at the grocery store :)

pants said...

that's CRAZY!!!!! Guns drawn... that is prob a first right?? woah... maybe I will make 2 of the girls ride in my trunk instead of borrowing the Great White ;) lol. Love you!

Anonymous said...

wow Netta, that is crazy! The girls have a story to tell! :) So glad you were all safe!!!

freddie said...

wow, crazy that this happened to you guys, but I'm glad it turned out well! Funny to read your thought process too. I wonder what went thru their minds! Love you guys!