Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm wanna THEM!

When reading the story of Jesus' death I have to admit
that I get ticked off when I read the part where people
are heckling Jesus.... while He's dying... for THEM!

They're saying stuff like,
"If you're really the Messiah, come on down from the cross!"
"Hmm, you could save others, go ahead & save yourself!"
"Hey, come down from there and then we'll believe in you!"

It's the last one that really gets me... grr! How could they?

Yesterday I was reading the part from Matthew 27:42 and
suddenly felt smacked in the face!

It's You, Netta!
Me? Lord , they were so rude! So Proud!

Yes, you do the same thing.
(Appalled & wounded...) But, how?

Think of all the times you've said stuff like,
"Lord, please work this out & then I'll be sure to do _____."
"Lord, just get me through the holidays and then I'll eat right
and be more careful with my time and money."
"Lord, just wait until I do ____ and then I do ____ that
You've instructed me to do. "


Repenting followed.

Geez, when will I learn to stop being so quick to sum up
the "Bible People"...
I'm just like them.
I'm wanna THEM.

(and JESUS loves me, too... in His great MERCY!)


chilly said...

...but you're cuter than they are!

I'm also sad to think that I would have been hiding with the rest of His followers while all of these insults were being hurled at Him.

*we always want to choose the noble people in the Bible to say that we relate to, when in truth, we probably relate better with the hypocrites & cowards.


(I'm repenting too)

Erin said...

I think I would prefer to relate to the women morning His brutal death... but you're SO RIGHT! I say those sorts of things all the time!! YUCK! *repenting too