Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Right in the Middle

A recent conversation with a friend and a blog I recently
read by a cyber-friend of mine who has moved & doesn't
feel "at home" in her new place had prompted
some thought
some pondering,
a gathering of thoughts that may perhaps encourage you.
(It's certainly done that for me, even as I type this.)

We've moved a lot.
I actually had to COUNT the number of addresses
we've had since we were married...
We've lived in twelve places in several states.
MN, OH, PA, IN, MI... not exactly in that order.

Some places I really, really LOVED & felt totally at home.
Some places I really, really loved... for a while...
Some places I never really liked at all.
(PLEASE note, I'm NOT talking about the PEOPLE,
I'm speaking of the town itself and/or the housing
situation we were in at the time!)
In each place we've KNOWN it was God that sent us there.

When Jesus calls us somewhere it is for ONE purpose...
His purpose!
And His purpose is all about PEOPLE!
God loves People!
and it's PEOPLE that have made the difference for me.

When I've been open,
put away my "find-the-differences-between-you-and-me Glasses",
reached out first,
stop thinking about myself 24/7,
decided to pray instead of worry about my kids,
laughed at myself,
stop getting frustrated when I was lost...again...
and just enjoyed the place God put me...
it became a place I liked.

Some of you kinda feel sorry for me because we live in Detroit.
Others of you say "respect" is the word that comes to mind.
And there's probably even more of you who think we're border-line
crazy! (oh, wait, those people probably are NOT reading this blog!)

Simply put... I'm just in the middle of God's Will.
Right where He's called us.
Not understanding everything.
Making mistakes.
But knowing with all my heart...
that I love JESUS, and what HE says GOES!
I LOVE living in Detroit!

(Note: It's coming up on our 6th yr. anniversary of
living in Detroit, 5 yrs. of being at the same residence.
THAT's a record!)


Mandy said...

Wow! I thought we had moved alot! :) Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! I know God will calm our hearts and help us settle here. It's just a process... Thanks again!

Jaime said...

So good! That's the best place to be!

I had such a good time with you and the boys yesterday - they are such sweet little gentleman.

The more I spend time with you the more I admire what an awesome god-follower you are! So excited for what He's doing in you and through you and your family!


Erin said...

AMEN! This reminds me of the old cleche, "Home is where the heart is". It's true though, we make a home for ourselves when we choose to love! I used to think that the comfort of home was defined by outside influences; family, comfort ect. But, I define family by who I chose to love! I joyfully accept all comfort as well as discomfort when I'm living in love with Love Himself!
Thanks for the encouraging reminder!!! Living to be focused on Love and on loving those He loves! ~ the other erin

Anonymous said...

your blog really encouraged me tonight....a well needed reminder....thank you!!


Brooke said...

Great reminder, especially just moving to Florida. It is so true that when you start rejoicing, knowing that God's hand has led you, there is peace and an assurance you can't shake, no matter the circumstances.