Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My family teases me often because they say I talk to myself...

I prefer to think of it as "thinking out loud!" :)

Either way, here's some of the things that have been
going around in my head...
(and have probably leaked out my mouth!).

- When you compliment or criticize a child you're doing the
same thing to the parent. It's two for one... be careful.

- I really like Carbs... in a multitude of forms! sigh

-Snow is nice... but NOT in March. I'm done with it.
(and just for the record, I did NOT pray for snow much this year!)

- Can I still make lotsa soup even when warm weather hits?

- Some people spring clean... I get the urge to just paint everything.
But my schedule doesn't usually allow my springtime promptings.

- One really honest, quality conversation is WAY better than a
dozen stupid remarks about weather, snacks, traffic, etc....

- A nice, hand-written note trumps an email on most days.

- Cute glasses on cute little kids = Double SUPER cute!!!

- I really like loose tea.

- Exercise is never fun to me.

- I realized that my hair is in grave need of my hairdresser
when my 3 yr. old son volunteered to "do" my hair & grabbed a
brush and his Handy Manny TOOLS! Help, Ginger!

- Home schooling seems to get harder as spring approaches.
(are we done yet?)

- SO so thankful that daily lesson plans for my two oldest girls
are finally done & printed out! Yippee!!!

- When I sleep longer than planned I will quickly (happily)
give up my work-out and even the morning news, but not
my cuppa tea and...
NEVER my time in The Word & Being alone with JESUS!


Andrea said...

Excercise is never fun to me either... ha ha. I love the "talk to myself tuesday" theme. Keep doing it! :)

Melissa said...

Netta, stubbled upon your blog while checking out REAL Church's site. I especially love this entry, as I can relate to almost every single one! You brought a smile and a laugh to my urban homeschool day. Thanks!