Sunday, March 7, 2010

Never out-grow growing!

We never out-grow growing.

Just at the point we think we don't need to grow we're actually at
the exact place of needing change the most!

Sometimes we crave change...
and we fill the outer parts of our life with new:
updated clothes,
new jobs,
a different address,
interesting friends,
latest books,
more education,
higher goals,
better organization,
etc, etc, etc.

None of these are bad.

But I have to wonder how often our "change-cravings"
are really much deeper, but we try to "challenge" ourselves
with these things above...

And they usually don't satisfy us.
Frustrate, yes.
Go undone or left partically done, yeah.

But the only "change" that truly satisfied us is the
kind that JESUS works in us. And that's NEVER easy.
listening and obeying remains the ONLY way!

What is JESUS wanting to change in you?
Are you letting Him?
Are you obeying Him?


Chris Chowdhury said...

This is SO true! Thanks for putting it into words. Now, I'm praying for the real change and that I won't be so easily satisfied.

Pants said...

good :) real good!