Friday, March 12, 2010

What's in your head?

"For Real? Not again?"
"How am I gunna handle that, when I haven't properly handled this yet?"
"What in the world is going on?"
"I'm overwhelmed!"
"Are you even listening, God?"
"I really thought I heard You on this? Did I miss something, Lord?"
"Seriously, I need a break!"
"Is anyone listening to me?"
"I'm so alone in this."

Any of this sound familiar?

Thoughts go around & around in our head all day.
WE have to control them.

Just as we couldn't really stop a giant bird from landing
on our head, but we could keep it from building a nest there...
We cannot stop a thought from running through our brain,
but we sure can stop it from staying there.

If Jesus lives in us then we have "His divine power" to battle
thoughts that are not productive. Second Corinthians chapter
TEN says that we have what we need to battle stupid, distracting,
selfish thoughts because His power lives in us. And..
it says that "WE" must take our thoughts captive."
Jesus won't grab our thoughts and magically change them.
WE change them!

We fill our hearts (and ears and lives) with what's true,
honest, just, pure & lovely and of a good report (starting
with GOD's WORD! Phil. 4:8)...
Then we can stop ourselves from pondering the stuff
that is not beneficial.... by stopping those thoughts in their tracks
and thinking about what we know we should.

Sometimes we have to grab those thoughts a zillion times a
days. Then only a few million. Pretty soon it's only a few times
a day... and eventually we'll notice that we're not fighting that
thought pattern anymore. Sweet!

Just because something's real doesn't mean we should think
about it... Think about the true stuff in The Word.
It takes practice. It takes work.
And it WORTH it!

What's in your head?


Brooke said...

That is a great post Nettta. Too many times I allow thoughts swirl around and build in my head and then before I know it I am believing lies. I never really thought of thoughts in my head being unproductive, but they really are!Those unproductive thoughts do not lead me any closer to God that is for sure. I need to get more of the word in and keeping more of the junk out!
Thanks...Love Ya...Miss ya

Lana said...

Great, great points Netta - thank you!!